Assalamualaikum all!

  • I tried to google for the definition of Khazanah but failed because this particular electronic notebook is having its PMS. Hence I do not have time to google anymore.
  • However, Almira is one of my Khazanah. Not forgetting little baby Amir. 
  • =)
Fuh. Yakuza ke apa ni?!
Naah~ She's alright yeah =) Had his uncle pushing her from behind. She still doesn't know how to cycle by herself.

Earlier on, she had her Nenek teaching her how to paddle but she was way tooo shy to follow instructions.
So what is your Khazanah?
  • I did not snap photos of Amir since I was busy playing with him and 2nd time had him in my arms! Wohooo!
  • He is chubbier and of course, heavier. Cooler than her sister at the moment. Don't know why Almira cepat naik angin these days. Huhu.
  •  I am unable to blog banyak since I'm not in my office at the moment and won't be for another 2 days. Entry panjang still pending.


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