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This couple had their wedding reception held in the Surrey University hall. Such an experience eyh. It was exciting and I had the chance to meet my cousin from Wales too! The bride wore Malaysia modern wedding dress if I'm not mistaken.
The white loose kebaya. Beautiful =)

  • Initially, I find it fun to hunt for my wedding dresses but when it dragged for days, I just felt like wearing my old "baju kurung". 
  • Not saying that I'm too choosy. I bet most of you are more picky than me. Since I was still in the UK, I didn't go out to hunt at shops instead, I just googled for the dresses. 
  • I searched at Nordstrom and found a beautiful white reception dress and it was at £3++ (I can't really remember the exact price.) I instantly fell in love with it BUT the dress had no sleeves hence if I were to purchase that dress, I need to find a bolero. 
  • Super leceh.

  • So I carried on googled for modest wedding dresses and I found Irna La Perle
  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! 
  • The store is located in Bandung, Indonesia. But they do accept orders online. Hence I inquired about the sizes, alterations, price range etc. 
  • After I received their reply, I had a long think about the possibilities of being in the situation of "Indah Khabar Dari Rupa" and also the tendency of having the dress altered incorrectly. 
  • Kau banyak sangat mikir what if what if, sudahnya tak dapet baju tu. 
Gorgeous but I don't think these accessories suit me. No no no.

  • After that, I gave up searching for my wedding dresses online. I told myself that I will wear apa saja. (Such a waste of time lah spend days looking for a wedding dress. I mula rasa loya.) 
  • Days after that, I flew to Egypt. 3 days before we left for UK, our tour guide brought us to a mall in Cairo. After all, it was scorching hot outside hence we decided to "chill" in the mall. I was browsing through shops looking for a pair of shoes when I saw Al Motahajiba boutique. 
  • The beautiful dresses on the mannequins caught my eyes, made me dragged Syahmi and Ust. Henky (our tour guide for that day) into the boutique. 
  • The sales lady was so warm. I told her that I wanted the exact same dress as what one of the mannequins was wearing. 
  • I tried on and mula sedih rasa nak keluar boutique ja sebab dress sangat besar and gelebeh! Mula fikir if alter mesti lama bla bla bla bla. 
  • But alhamdulillah I was wrong. She took my measurements semua and sent the dress straight upstairs (ha kau jahit kedai dia jugak kat atas) to be altered. Katanya 2 days siap. Mula lah the 3 of us kira guna jari depan minah Egypt tu, kira bila waktu seswai nak amik. 
Al- Motahajiba does not offer wedding dress online. But they do have abaya etc. online.

  • Lepas dah amik, mula la pikir lagi "Oh ni baru satu, Syahmi punya side kena cari lagi . .. " 
  • Oh nasib baik the idea of wearing songket was brought up by mama or siapa ntah. So songket bagus dari Malaysia kan, jadi tak perlu runsing cari di negara lain =)

Fancy this for Raya?

  • You know when it comes to wedding, everyone wants to help. Which is super cool! However, there will be some who will say this and that. Most people will ask you to wear lacey tight dress with bling-bling etc. which some of you don't prefer to wear so. 
  • Let me tell you, wear what you want as long as it is not against the syariah.
  • I wore an Egyptian COTTON dress and I survived =) Alhamdulillah. (hamek you cotton lagi. Pernah tengok Rizalman buat wedding dress from cotton? =D)

Booked by someone for her Nikah dress. You go girl!

New Sarees just arrived: Melati Cornwick Saree.

This batch ada bling-bling which I'm selling at RM170 (inclusive of Pos Laju postage fee.) All silk Sarees are 6m in length.

  • Hope this entry does help anyone of you yang tengah cari Ilham baju pengantin segala. Irna La Perle has beautiful head piece(s). Check them out. 
  • Some people might question kenapa I tak start cari dresses di Malaysia dulu.
  • I went to a few wedding boutiques in Malaysia, sewa baju dah lah mahal sampai RM1k RM2k. Baik lagi I beli dekat 2 boutique yang I bebel atas with that kind of price. 

  • To wedding planner, jangan menyusahkan pasangan yang nak kahwin ok =)
  • And kepada bakal pengantin, jangan membazir ya ;-)

Work work work !


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