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Assalamualaikum all =)
Chill chill y'all!

  • So what do you do when you have berbondong-bondong money? I was told that not many of us know how to save for a rainy day and those who earn big, they have more stuffs to pay. At the end of the month, what they have left is as equal as those who earn less. 
  • Ayo amacam ni? 
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  • When you have "huge" appetite, then your money flows like water in the river =) 
  • You see, when you get your paycheck, the first thing you will do is hangout with friends on the next available night at Zouk (or any other possible places). The next day which happens to be a Saturday, you and your girlfriends will go shopping at Pavillion/Empire/what ever mall that has Coach or LV or  Chanel or Gucci boutique. (Tu lah brand2 yang paling most Malaysians nak. No? haha)
  • Then you will get yourself your "dream handbag" that costs you RM4890. To make you feel at ease you will say this to yourself, "It's alright. I'm treating myself after all the hard work in the office".
  • Just so you know, If I'm not mistaken, fresh engineers in UK get approximately £2.5k-£3k monthly. And the same bag costs them only £350. Which is 14% of their salary. Lets say if you are an engineer in PETRONAS making RM6k monthly, the bag is 81.5% of your monthly wage!
  • Wallaweyh puyau.

  • I suggest that you fill up your Tabung Haji account first. Like I said in one of my entries, those who registered this year, insyaAllah will get the chance to perform Hajj in the year 203*! (Can't remember the last digit)
  • In order to get a place, you need to have a certain amount in your account. If not, your trip will be postponed. Haaaa. No kidding man! 

  • I received questions on where do I "keep/save" my money. It is quite difficult for me to say but I will share whatever I received so far. 
Al-kisah Juaini Johan
I have my money saved everywhere but not at home. So robbers, please do not come to mama's and rob us alright. 

I used to have an ASW account which I had it closed last 2 months. This is due to the "syubhah" dividend I received. You can google for more info. 

Last year, I received 6% from ASW while 5.25% from Tabung Haji. After all, Tabung Haji sudah siap tolak Zakat automatically. Hence the 5.25% I dapat bersih =)

Oh and I ada juga invest dalam Public Mutual. However, my agent is not a great one. He failed to advise me from time to time hence I'm not making much in that. Will take all out and put in somewhere else.

So where do you save yours?  

  • Referring to the video I posted days ago, Dr. Asri said that PNB TERPAKSA invest dalam MAYBANK kerana eset terlalu banyak sampai tak cukup bank Islam yang boleh handle. 
  • Hadoyh hai puyau. Komenga lai kosi lai kosi =p
  • Ustaz Azhar Idrus tak galakkan langsung kita melabur dalam ASB etc.
  • So now since majlis fatwa tak kata haram, tapi some of us masih rasa kurang yakin, then benda syubhah elok di tinggalkan =)
That's about it from me. 
We will be at ease if semua benda kita buat "bersih".


    1. i transferred 45% of my salary into Tabung Haji. at first it was like "what the what nanti ai nak beli DSLR, Dr. Martens, tudung baru, baju raya blablabla how? bajet lari blablabla"

      but then again i realize (ceh baru bak realize) it is for a good cause. anyway kalau apa2 boleh withdraw. takla ai membazir pegi clubbing ke...

    2. Genau! =)
      For a good cause, it is.
      Tak salah beli DSLR etc. but perlu tengok priority kan.
      InsyaAllah tak akan membazir if kita pandai urus duit.

    3. wow! how do u manage to save 45% of your income? care to share?


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