Fitnah & Taksub

Assalamualaikum all =)

  • I went to witness a forum at Karangkraf yesterday. There were Khairy Jamaluddin (Ketua Pemuda UMNO), Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan (Ketua Pemuda Pas Pusat) and Dr. Asri Zainul Abidin. To me, the best speaker was Dr. Asri. I thought Ustaz Nasrudin was too soft while Khairy didn't seem to grab the term zina correctly. 
  • The forum was totally opposite from the talk that I attended by Anuar Ibrahim on last Sunday. The ambience was quite negative. With the presence of Khairy's supporters, they got me irritated! 
  • Not saying that I orang PAS or PKR ok =)

I found the advert in Sinar Harian. Called up Syahmi and asked whether he could take a day off (so he did take 1/2 day off). I've met Dr. Asri in Southampton before but I really wanted to know how Khairy is. 
I arrived a little bit late hence there were 1 or 2 hidden seats left (ie. in between people with their handbags on the empty seats). I went upfront and Alhamdulillah a laid back "kakak" offered me a seat next to her. Not knowing that the ladies on my left were all UMNO/PERKASA supporters while on my right were the supporters of PAS/PKR/Dr.Asri. 
So there I was, stuck right in the middle. 

  • When the moderator announced "Khairy Jamaluddin", the BN supporters tepuk tangan macam nak tercabut! But when the moderator announced "Nasrudin Hassan", as usual his supporters jerit "Allahuakbar" and the lady on my left immediately said "Taksub!"
  •  =D
  • Macam kids je dia orang ni! 

  • The title of the forum/discussion was "Fitnah Ancaman Umat Akhir Zaman". So there the three of them started of by defining the word "fitnah". And then yang itu cakap yang ini fitnah ni, yang ini pula cakap yang itu fitnah itu. Memang tak akan lari lah fitnah memfitnah ni. 
  • Towards the end, Dr. Asri said: "Pas jadi UMNO saya tak setuju dan UMNO jadi PAS, tak payah lah." =)
  • Dulu ada orang cakap dengan I, that I kena pilih juga sama ada PAS or UMNO. So I told him kenapa pula? Apa I tak Islam ke if I'm not one of them? 
  • Below is one of the videos tentang forum tu yang available online. You guys tengoklah semua if ada waktu alright.

  • I agree with Dr. Asri. Jangan kita menggunakan Islam untuk kepentingan politik. Sepatutnya kita meletakkan Islam paling atas! Bila manusia nak pengaruh dan nak dikenali, maka saat itulah baru menggunakan agama Islam untuk meraih sokongan. Pergh!
  • I'm not promoting which party you should support but please support individuals yang memang menegakkan Islam demi Tuhan but bukan demi kepentingan diri dan politik. Maka seelok-eloknya dekati orang yang membantu Islam demi Allah S.W.T.

  • Whereas the meeting with other professionals and Anwar Ibrahim got me sleepy hence I left the hotel earlier before it ended. However, there was one question from a guy that sounded like this "What will you do to Najib and Rosmah once you become our prime minister?"
  • Anwar Ibrahim answered "Nothing. I forgave them already."
  • Such a kind hearted man. 
  • =)

So far, the people who I managed to feel their positive vibes are Nik Aziz and Dr. Asri.
The rest, none. Not even Anwar Ibrahim. 
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