An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Assalamualaikum =)

Al-Kisah Juaini Johan:
When I entered college, I asked my father for a laptop. So he gave me the $$ and off I went to the PC-Fair in K.L. I settled with a Twinhead laptop which cost me RM4k. After 2.5 years of using it, it went kaputt. The screen went pitch black and etc. Not forgetting all the bugs Windows had offered me. Sigh. 

I called up my father and told him that I'm going to get myself an iMac. The main reason why I chose iMac is because I read reviews that it is almost bug free(or whatever suitable IT terms). My father gave me the green light and off we (Syahmi and I) went to Apple Store in Westquay, Southampton to purchase a Mac.

Alhamdulillah, it has been almost 4 years now and I'm still using the same old Mac. No virus, no lagging or what so ever. InshaAllah will continue that way. With complete Leopard OS X Leopard and basic software(s) I paid approximately RM4.5k. RM500 more than the kaput laptop. So now you tell me, which one of the two is more value for money?

  • Now they have come up with OS X Lion. I'm a Leo, should I upgrade?
  • The answer is plain NO. I have got no reasons to upgrade what so ever since my machine is still fast as a healthy Leopard! 
  • I'm not a gadget freak and I do not know much about computers. I do not understand all those anti-virus software etc. 
  • So I reckon that you invest in a Mac if you are just like me (rabun IT =p hehe).
  • This Apple truly prevents you from seing a "doctor" ie. anti-virus software or an It technician or yada yada.

  • Another thing, you can get student discount if you're still studying! 
  • I ran MatLab on my machine, of course laju from laptop sebab processor hebat. 

To Mat Rempit(s) I reckon that you save up duit minyak for an iMac. At least you can make money out of the machine. Tons of things you can do eg: Sell photo books, compose songs, edit videos and send them to Astro or what nots etc. 

Tak percaya, tanya jiran sebelah. Nowadays ramai dah trust Apple =) and I am one of them. 


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