Are We Alike?

Assalamualaikum y'all!

  • Most people said that I look a lot like my father. It's quite difficult for me to tell though. However, some say that I resemble my mom. Physical wise or attitude? Hmm... 

This is serious~ (Wonderpets style) 

  • Talking about alike, Almira has developed a new skill, that is photography skill. 
  • Well, I love to snap snap and so does Almira. Hence we have something in common =D weheee~
  • Below are a few of the photos she captured all by herself. No Wo (me) behind her, no help, no editing alright. Check them out. 

The best photo of her baby brother that she managed to capture. Yup, this is her eye level. No wonder she loves to climb up on Amir's crib for a clearer view =)

Kak Wati's canister of energy.

I asked her: Almira nak ambil gambar apa pulak?
Then she pointed her finger at the refrigerator and said "Ni!"

Then she captured her powdered milk =)
She then ran to the living room again to capture her mobile moo (cow) and dap dap (duck).
She even captured her favorite tv show on Baby TV! 

  • Great job Almira! 
  • She might be a great photographer in the future =) 
  • Oh and when one day she receives an award, she will make a speech with I'm in it!
"Wo, thank you for lending me your lousy camera back then when I was only 2 years and 2 months old!"

  • Sudah lah Ayla, berangan saja hari ni! 
  • Haha =D


  1. Pandainya cucu ma. Rindu semua tapi tak pandai nak communicate. Nak masuk facebook pun tergendala.

  2. Ma tersalah tempat comment ke? Pandai cucu ma amik gambar.


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