Ingat, manusia bukan hippopotamus. It does nothing when people make fun of it. During my visit to the National Zoo, a guy acah-acah konon nak bagi makan hippo ni but ended up cuma nak ambil gambar hippo ni ternganga sambil tunjuk gigi. Pergh! By the way, we (Kak Naniey, Aimi and I) named this hippo Gloria!

  • Acap kali we heard someone menegur dan berkongsi pendapat untuk membentuk sahsiah yang lebih elok dan mantap. Tetapi ada segelintir kita berasa "Oh God! Not again! I knew that lah you yada yada yada..." atau terus menutup mata dan telinga setelah membaca headline, tanpa membaca ayat seterusnya. 
  • Dan ramai diantara kita kerap berasa hati terhadap parents sendiri. Ada yang berasa rimas apabila ditegur berkali-kali oleh mak dan ayah serta ada yang kecil hati apabila mak dan ayah tegur sehingga berterus terang mengatakan betapa kecewanya mereka terhadap kita. 
  • Lalu sejenak tadi, while waiting for Syahmi to end his phone call, I terfikir, mengapa Allah S.W.T melarang kita meniggikan suara terhadap mak dan ayah jika apa yang dikatakan oleh mereka tidak melanggar syariah Islam.
  • Sedangkan kita pasti berasa marah apabila ditegur segala oleh mereka. No?
Almira with her house gate. She's able to speak in full sentence right now. 

Telah datang seorang Arab Badwi kepada Nabi S.A.W. lalu berkata: "Wahai Rasulullah! Apakah (yang dikatakan) dosa-dosa besar?" Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: "Menyekutukan Allah." Arab Badwi itu kemudian berkata: "Kemudian apa lagi?" Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: "Menderhaka kepada kedua-dua ibu bapa." Arab Badwi berkata: "Kemudian apa lagi?" Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: "Sumpah yang ghamus."(Abdullah bin Amr berkata) Aku berkata: "Apa itu sumpah yang ghamus"(yang tidak benar)? Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: "Orang yang mengambil hartaseorang Muslim secara berbohong." 
  • It is unfair for us to say this to our parents: "You are being ridiculous! You do not know me!". This usually happens when the parents forbid their teenage son/daughter from going out late at night with friends. No?
  • Hey hey hey, who are we to say that to our parents?? I bet they know us more than we know ourselves. They were the ones who fed us when we were helpless, they went through ups and downs to raise us, sent us to great schools, they cleaned us when we were still cute babies, etc. And yet we still have the guts to be mean to them?!
  • Hello world. They went through a lot just to raise us and never had the intention to leave us next to a garbage bin tau! So when Allah S.W.T. said that we have to respect and be good to our parents, why don't we do it?  
At the age of 2 years 1 month and 19 days, she managed to capture this! At first I thought she just wanted to play around with the camera buttons etc.  I only taught her once on how to hold the camera, where she should place her tiny fingers and which button to press. Walla! She did it! Great job Almira =) 

Be Good
We do not need to climb mount Everest to be good to our parents. As long as we listen to them, that should be alright, yeah? Below are some of the things that you may want to do just to gain that extra points ;-):
  1. Say "I Love You".
  2. Help your parents in the kitchen. Cutting onions or just stirring curry in a pot! 
  3. Spend time with them. Find some time to be with them on weekends if you are too busy working on weekdays. You don't have to take them out for a bungee jump! Watch tele together pun alright, no?
  4. Bring home something. Even a RM1 worth of banana fritters will do.
There are so many other ways but above are some of the easy ones =)

So instead of kita bebel bebel lepas mak kita bebel, 
lets together jawab Baik! 
Settle =p


  1. BAIK!!

    me always go "ha.." "hmm.." "jap ma..jap" an hour before doing the task they ask me to.


    bad girl. bad girl.

  2. that's the thing!!!!
    don't know why liat sangat. but when friends ask for help, laju je.

    I really need to change man!


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