"Do Not Be Arrogant"


Allah S.W.T. asked us not to be arrogant. 
There are so many videos regarding Bersih 2.0 on Youtube.
Spare some time to watch what actually happened, then only make your judgement.

Bukan I kata, 
But Allah S.W.T. yang tidak pernah suruh kita berlaku negative.



  1. Ju :)
    How I wish I could show this to the media in Malaysia. Bersih in London was waaaayyy safer.
    They (Malaysian government) made a big fuss out of a peaceful gathering.
    Police cuffed a dying man, refused to call for medical help.
    May Allah give them what they deserve. And of course, to the people who made them do cruel things to citizens.
    Marahnya.. Macam mana nak percaya dekat polis/kerajaan?

  2. Yes laling.
    I bet the media in Malaysia have seen this. Something that they are good at, being arrogant.
    It's difficult to gain trust kan.
    Bagus lagi jadi polis untuk diri sendiri. No?


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