Do Not Shop Til You Drop!

Assalamualaikum all.

  • Yours truly is not going to type a lot today since she has tons of things to do. Alhamdulillah, Merlins Chocolate ada yang menempah untuk pertunangan =) 
  • As for now, I'm sharing with all of you what's on at The Sale and Hijab Store plus Yo's Shoes.
  • InshaAllah I will upload an entry about ISA tomorrow or the day after. This topic is indeed important.  
Cath Kidston London Mini Tote at/on The Sale.

Cath Kidston London Mini Tote at/on The Sale.
The only cardigan left at/on The Sale.

Syria Kanak-kanak RM10 at Hijab Store!
Tudung instant kanak-kanak RM14 at Hijab Store!
Tudung corak Shantung RM30 at Hijab Store!

Yo's Shoes

RM29 per pair (exclusive of postage fee) at Yo's!

  • Just when I thought everything is ok, came an insensitive guy showing negative facial expressions. The way he belittle others, adoyh. 
  • I am not trying to nag or talk bad about others, but I just want to share with you on what you actually look like when you belittle others. 
  • Without him knowing, the person he belittles turns out to be a person who is not materialistic and doesn't care about collecting millions of dollars (God knows.). All that person wants to do has got nothing to do with him.  
  • Doesn't that make him look "silly"? 
  • Definitely he was being imprudent to belittle others. 
  • Therefore mind your words. Who do you think you are that you can simply belittle others? At the end of the day, you're just making a fool out of yourself =) 
  • Alright enough of that. 
See I told you that I bought those comfy shoes ;p

With Aishah, adik penjual kasut best. Yes, I shopping kasut time wedding. Sambil menyelam, minum air. Right?

  • Dan dan after the wedding, just before I got into the car my slipper putus. Cantek!


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