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Assalamualaikum all.

  • I've been googling for new houses for the past few days. As usual, I ended up being disappointed. 
  • The night when I went to feed the homeless for the 2nd time, it made me realized that I could be the next person sleeping on the sidewalk. 
  • No matter where you work or who you are right now, you might end up being a homeless. Kun Fa Ya Kun, if Allah S.W.T. says so, then it is. 
  • Some of these homeless people in K.L. are educated. They were once lecturers and professional workers. 
  • I was thinking of taking a bank loan. How easy/hard it is for someone without a payslip (but with monthly contribution credited into bank account) to get a bank loan? (Alright, I do not know the exact terms to use, be it in English or Malay. Harap faham lah ya. )  

  • Oh yes, we started of by preparing food for the homeless. We prepared everything at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Way (opposite Guinness Anchor Berhad). We spent about 5 hours cooking, cleaning, packing etc. There were approximately 30 plus volunteers plus children came to help. Syukur!
The master of BBQ, Awe (right). He made luscious chicken marinade.

Aida busy with registration thinggy. Husband with a few of the toiletries.

Frying curry puff. Nyum!

The chopper's heavy! 

Let me show you the right way to slice carrots =) but please do not use a chopper.

Kak Naniey =) I thought you were supposed to be the head chef? =p

The chef and cook of the day! Superb fried rice for the homeless people and us =) Danke und merci .

  • Food and toiletries:

Assorted tooth pastes.

Vitamins and soaps.

Fried rice, BBQ chicken, fried onion and zucchini.  There were more ie. omelet, curry puff, sponge cake, bread and drinking water.  
  • Toothsome food for them. There are people who go against our act. They just don't want the homeless people to be pampered I guess. Well, I have not seen them personally therefore I do not know in detail. 
  • After all the chop chop and ketang ketung, we had a break. 

Almira would say: "Emm edap engg~"
  • There were 18 packs without BBQ chicken. When you prepare for hundreds of people, this kind of thing is expected. Ada hikmah tu, mungkin ada yang tidak boleh makan BBQ chicken tapi boleh makan fried chicken. So I bought 18 pieces of KFC chicken before we left for Masjid Jamek at 10:15pm. Oh lord, malam canggitu pun nak jam kan federal highway tu. Pergh! 
Bawah jambatan depan Muzeum. 

Teenager pun datang help out sekali. Alhamdulillah. Haq (with red plastic bags) giving away food to those who slept under the bridge in Pudu. 

A little bit lenguh, hence the plastic bag on my shoulder. Was explaining to Haq on how to distribute the packed food. 
Scomi CEO with his family came to help as well. Lepas ni mungkin Director Uniway pula  turun kan? Director Juaini Johan Ent. sudah turun pasti you pun kena bapak =p 
  • We arrived home at about 3:00 am. 
  • We were not allowed to simply capture photos of the homeless people. Some of them just don't want to appear in newspapers etc. sebab their family tidak tahu mereka cari makan begini. These homeless people are not hopeless ok! They work during the day as cleaners etc. and send their money home for their families tau! They just can't afford to rent a place to stay and buy a pack of white rice.
  • Of course they can't afford to even rent in K.L. I googled rumah semua bermillion-million ringgit. Kalau I pun rasa sesak, apatah lagi mereka. Siapa yang speculate harga rumah sampai jadi cam "sampah" ni?! Berdosa kau buat benda keperluan supaya susah dapat! 

Ya Allah, Kau permudahkan lah urusan kami di dunia ini. Please and thank you. We love you.

  • Again if ada yang berminat nak help Reach Out, boleh contact mereka terus. If rasa nak ada geng, leh contact I. We can go together next time ok. InshaAllah. 
  • Reach Out Malaysia bagi makan to the homeless setiap hari at 5:30pm di Bus Stand Klang (Not in Klang but in KL sebenarnya cuma nama bus stand tu je canggitu.)
  • Mana yang rasa selalu tidak ada waktu sebab kerja, I reckon that you take a day off. Sumpah tak rugi. InshaAllah you will receive more from Allah S.W.T. 

When I helped out to feed the homeless two weeks ago, kurang kisah. But this time banyak kisah. I will tell you guys in other entries some other time ok. InshaAllah.


  1. kak ayla im interested in the charity thingy jugak but still got no time even for meself T__T

    anyway im having a persembahan amal utk gaza in Stadium Kajang this 30th july with all these rabbani and their gang. info here http://www.facebook.com/anaforgaza


  2. p/s: that explains why my bilik so bersepah (alasan)

  3. InshaAllah you'll find some time. Soon =)

    Wow you'll be performing? Nasyid?
    Thank you for sharing about this Ana For Gaza. If not Kak Ayla tak tahu pun wujud.

    I'm going to tell my husband about this.
    Perlu ticket or free? If perlu ticket mana nak beli ya?

  4. Oh ok dah tahu. It's free =D

  5. nay im not performing. i cant even sing in the toilet! =..=''

    believe me suara bapuk lg best dr i haha!
    tq! :D


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