Homeless @ Gelandangan

Assalamualaikum =)

  • Gelandangan = homeless people.
  • I just learnt that word last week. So what's with them?
Al-Kisah Juaini Johan:
Months ago, I watched a tv program on Astro about a family who has been feeding the homeless since I can't remember. The wife and mother are the ones who prepare the food. Once the food are packed, he will load everything onto his truck and distribute the food to the homeless on the streets. 

He is not a wealthy man. They prepare everything in their small flat. Superb.

  • I told Syahmi and he immediately interested in feeding the homeless. 
  • Weeks later, Syahmi came home and delivered a good news "The Scomi Game team will be feeding the homeless yada yada yada!"
  • Both of us were very excited and as to gain experience before Syahmi and his team proceed with feeding the homeless next week, we went to help Reach Out Malaysia last Sunday.
  • Reach Out Malaysia has been providing food for the homeless since God knows when. 

Volunteers collecting food from the truck.

  • We gathered at a small coffee shop in front of the Swiss Garden Hotel Pudu. At about 12:20am, we went in groups searching for homeless people in Pasar Pudu, Kota Raya, etc.
  • The activity ended at around 3:10am and both of us arrived home at approximately 4:00am.
  • The first guy who I attended nearly got me to tears, but if I were to continue crying alamatnya duduk dalam kereta sahaja lah I. 
  • There was nothing to complain about. Let the photos below explain what happened in between. 

Syahmi drove slowly while the four of us (Kak Naniey, Maej, Aimi and I) berusaha buka mata cari. 

Mula-mula takut juga rasa. Takut-takut dia terkejut lepas tu berkarate pulak dengan I. But alhamdulillah semua ok. Ada yang tersedar and cakap terima kasih =) 

The guy in green ni kena kencing manis rasanya. Kesian kakinya luka. 

He got to experience driving wrong way down the road in front of Central Market. 

Di Kota Raya. Ramai betul yang baring sana sini. Syahmi bantu distribute the last bag of food at around 3:00am.
  • So if you feel like participating as a volunteer, do contact Reach Out Malaysia.
  • You will not lose anything. Trust me. 


  1. Ju, bestnya!
    Nak try carik la benda sama/tema sama ie. community service dekat Penang.. hehe, kalau tak buat masa memang tak de masa tu..
    inshaAllah leen balik 31 Jul ni. Attachment 4 minggu, raya 2 minggu, inshaAllah hehe.

  2. Leen!
    I support you a 101%! I bet di Penang pun ada. Ya, sementara ada extra waktu ni, sesuai sangat kan.

    Yeay! Nanti you di S.A. let me know alright. =)


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