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  • How are you people? I was browsing the net when I saw this: 
  • What You'll Get

    • Return Economy V Class ticket to Jakarta on Garuda Indonesia
    • Flight times:
      • KL -> Jakarta: Daily 0800 hours / Arr 0900 hours (GA819) or 1250 hours / Arr 1350 hours (GA821)
      • Jakarta -> KL: Daily 0850 hours / Arr 1150 hours (GA820) or 1720 hours / Arr 2020 hours (GA818)
    • Flight departs from KLIA (KL International Airport)
    • Flight includes free meals and drinks on board
    • Check-in luggage allowance up to 20kg
    • 2 nights accommodation at Ibis Hotel, Mangga Dua (3 Star)
    • Daily breakfasts
    • Transfers In/Out of Jakarta airport (Seat In Car basis – SIC)
    • Complimentary Indonesian phone SIM card for July 2011 departures

Super tiny bathroom at Ibis Wales.
  • Wahlaw~ For more info on the traveling dates etc. please click here.
  • Oh, The Marjans will be leaving for Jakarta soon. Will get more info from them on how Jakarta is once they are home.

    Al- Kisah Juaini Johan:
    I love to travel. I do not save up for a handbag worth RM5k instead I save for jalan-jalan looking for experience =)  

    I always make sure that I travel abroad at least once a year. Usually to places that I have never been to. Be it, backpacking trip or low budget holiday, I sapu =p 
    There was once me and my friends stayed in a 4/5stars hotel somewhere close to Bologa, Italy. We ended up having breakfast in a cafe full of business men. Awkward~

    Oh I even jalan-jalan in Malaysia too. InshaAllah we will be visiting Sarawak. Yeehaa! Manak orang sarawak kamik mauk datang nik. Pergh.

    • I've never been to Jakarta. But would like to share with you the deal above! 
    • For more info click here.

      Legend Port Dickson. Oh yes I still cannot afford to stay here. Syukron for the generous parents you sent me Allah! Oh and we do not need to travel to Europe to have this man. Malaysia boleh! Not 1 Malaysia.

      My "processor" is quite slow today. 
      Many things are running in my head at the same time. 
      Will recover by tomorrow. 
      Insha Allah.


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