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  • And yes as what my husband had mentioned in his fb, I also would like to privatize democracy.
Internal Security Act 1960
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  • Detention without trial. Is it ethical?
  • I asked Syahmi whether or not this kind of detention existed during Rasulullah's period. He said no. 
  • Logically, you can't simply come to my house and arrest me without any warrant arrest and I can't simply be imprisoned without trial!

  • Watch the video below. An ex-detainee (Raja Petra) explains what happened to him during the first 60 days.
  • So how did we end up having this act in Malaysia?
The ISA was originally enacted to succeed emergency laws aimed at combating the communist insurgency in the 1940s and 1950s. It was also used against political dissidents, students, and labour activists. Since then, the ISA has been used against those who commit acts deemed to be "prejudicial to the security of Malaysia" or threatening to the "maintenance of essential services" or "economic life." The government determines which acts fall into these categories and, using a strained interpretation of the legislation, has detained scores of individuals under the ISA in cases that would normally require prosecution. - Source: www.marxist.com

  • History obtained from Wikipedia (referenced one). Click here.

Preventive detention was first implemented in Malaya by the British in 1948 to combat the armed insurgency of the Malayan Communist Party during the Malayan Emergency. The Emergency Regulations Ordinance 1948 was enacted by the British High Commissioner Sir Edward Gent. It allowed the detention of persons for a period not exceeding one year. This ordinance targeted at acts of violence and only imposed temporary detention. The Malayan Emergency ended in 1960 and the ordinance was repealed. However, preventive detention was retained and remains a feature of Malaysian law today. In 1960, the government passed the Internal Security Act (ISA) under the authority granted by Article 149 of the Malaysian Constitution.
The stated purpose of the ISA was to deter communist activity in Malaysia during the Malayan Emergency and afterwards. The first Prime Minister of MalaysiaTunku Abdul Rahman, defined the purpose of the act as to "be used solely against the communists...My Cabinet colleagues and I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the government under the ISA would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silence lawful dissent". The third Prime Minister, Tun Hussein Onn, stated at the same time that his administration had enforced the act only with a view to curbing communist activity, and not to repress "lawful political opposition and democratic citizen activity".[1]

  • Do you think if PAS or PKR rule they will suppress this act?
  • Or will they detain their "enemies" too? =D
  • I am so out of words to come up with my own opinion on ISA. But I am against this act.
  • To protect other citizens and country from negative influence and violence is indeed a noble thing to do but to simply accuse and detain a person without trial is immoral. Right? Everyone has the right to defend themselves.
  • Hope with all these information that I got from various sources, dapat membantu you guys lebih aware dengan ISA. I knew nothing before but alhamdulillah now boleh faham juga.  
  • You guys can search on Youtube for explanations from other influential people for their opinions. 

I reckon that before kita bertok guru kan somebody, we better ask for his opinion about ISA, BERSIH, 24mil Diamond Ring, Membantu Non-Muslim, Amar Makruf Nahi  Mungkar etc. Just to make sure he is the right Tok Guru =) 


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