You Are Mine ?

Assalamualaikum y'all!
  • Weekend was awesome y'all! Syahmi's cousin engagement on Saturday and Feed The Street on Sunday. Superb. (Will talk more on Feed The Street program in my next entry alright. )
  • Hanisah got engaged to Uchop last Saturday. That was the first time I attended an engagement event. Little did I know documents needed to be completed and signed. 
  • So I asked Kak Huda (Hanisah's elder sis). She then explained that, it is a norm in Klebang to have written agreement on how long the couple should be engaged before they tie a knot. If they fail to marry within the agreed time frame, automatically they are no longer engaged to one another. 
Still getting ready even though Uchop's family was already in the living hall =) She had a very long vail on. Funny Aca =D 
  • Such experience. Mine was just over tea. There were only 6 of us (parents and ourselves). I did not expect to be engaged pun that night! =D No hantaran, no make up, no engagement dress etc. 
  • A month later, I got married =)
Alright, ada beza ke orang yang dah nikah and belum? :-) Ada! Eyebags makin tebal when you have a husband =p
  • When you are someone's fiancĂ©, it does not mean you are married to your partner alright. I do not think you can claim that your partner is yours just yet. No? 
The definition of engagement in Islam is, ‘A private arrangement with the intention of marriage between a suitable Muslim man and a woman via her guardian i.e. Wali Amr.’ To explain this:

  1. A private arrangement means an unbinding secret agreement.
  2. A suitable Muslim man means he is Muslim, mature, sane
  3. A Suitable woman means a Muslim woman or woman from the people of the book (Jew or Christian) free for marriage from any Shari’ah prevention such as if she is still married, or in her I’ddah (waiting period) of divorce or widowhood, or pregnant, or if she has had a previous intimate relationship with him, or is a prostitute, a fornicator, or a Mushrik (idolaters such as Hindus or Sikhs) etc…
  4. Via her guardian means that the arrangement is made with the knowledge of her original Wali Amr i.e. her father.

During the period when a Muslim male proposes to a suitable female with the consent of her guardian (usually her father), and she agrees to consider him for marriage the couple are under ‘engagement’ Islamically and the female may not consider another man until and unless she decides to decline the proposal.

SIL with baby Ehsan. 

Husband with Rashdan. His mom (Mak Su) is fighting cancer. Please make Doa for her. Such a brave and strong lady. Her experience motivates me to not give up and to always have faith in Allah S.W.T.  

  • Oh and before I arrived for Hanisah's event, I went to K.L. to deliver chocolates to a customer (her friend got engaged on that particular day as well). Chocolates as door gifts. Cool~ Meriah sungguh majlis di Malaysia ni =) Murah rezeki semua yang menjemput dan menjamu tetamu datang. 
Merlins Chocolate by Juaini Johan but not Zara ok. Kotak je kotak Zara pasal Merlins Chocolate still tiada own box. Lepas ni mungkin ada yang dapat kotak Mamas and Papas =D
  • Alhamdulillah, I received positive feedback from the customer. I do not hire anyone else to make the chocolates except for the ribbons. This is to ensure great quality of pralines und chocolates produced. 
  • Siapa yang hendak order Merlins Chocolate, e-mail me at: info[at]
  • Please subsitue "[at]" with "@". 
Merlins Chocolate: Handmade chocs. For more info click here.

So how was your weekend? 
Mine was wunderbar.


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