Aku Ini Orangnya ...


Assalamualaikum y'all!
I wonder what my husband would write about me if and only if he owns a personal blog. Teeheee =D Or he might not even mention anything about me! No? Perasan you Ayla!

  • He always expresses his feelings towards me but 2 days ago he delivered it quite differently in a simpler manner:

Once I'm done cooking in the kitchen I went up into my bedroom to witness Syahmi performing Asar prayer. Quietly I lay in bed behind him and after saying salam, with such happiness and surprised reaction on his face, he looked at me and said "SubhanAllah!".

He got me puzzled then I asked, "What's wrong?"

"Siapa perempuan yang cantik depan I ni?!", sort of like that lah bunyi his reply.

  • He truly made my day. 
  • I'm touched not just because of the cantik bit, instead the SubhanAllah bit. 
  • SubhanAllah means Perfect Glory is to God or “Glorified is Allah”. (Source:ImanIslam)
  • It is indeed more meaningful than "cantik".
  • Oh well, thank you Allah s.w.t. for making me always appear beautiful in the eyes of my husband. 

  • Such short word does change one's life. 
  • Getting a Maserati is a bonus, but to have such spouse who knows how to appreciate his/her gifts from Allah s.w.t. is indeed important. 
  • If one day my skin has wrinkled with freckles, I demand you to say those same words darling! Hehehehe. Kidding.
Hidayah Razak, one of my great friends, had experienced living in the year 2016. Proven that lemang is still being served during Raya Aidilfitri. Yeeehaa!
  • Talking about friends, it is crucial to have positive influential friends. Make friends with those who  know the meaning and purpose of life. But do not ditch those who are still oblivious. 
  • Instead, you should be helping them. They look at you as the positive influential and inspirational friend! So if you leave them behind, who is going to help them get out of their misery?
  • And as for a spouse, I reckon that you search properly, ask your family members, close friends and do not forget to make Doa. 
  • Once you have found the right one, don't you ever compare him/her with someone else. 
  • For example; my husband might not be perfect for you but he is for me (at the moment. God knows what lies ahead). 
  • And do not expect too much from your partner. 
  • Nak nak ada yang expect suami macam Rasulullah and isteri macam Khadijah. Adoyh. 
  • Make Rasulullah as an example is superb but to expect your husband to become exactly like Rasulullah is quite painful.
Thank you Allah for lending me Syahmi. 
  • Remember, Rasulullah tu maksum, yang senantiasa dipelihara oleh Allah s.w.t. daripada melakukan sesuatu mengikut nafsunya sendiri. 
  • To husbands: Do not forget to express your love to your wives =) Allah s.w.t. is watching. Same goes to all of you married ladies!

  Suamiku Ini Orangnya Sabar... MashaAllah.


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