Amar Makruf

Assalamualaikum y'all!

  • Yes, some of you are already on your way home to celebrate the remaining Ramadhan and Raya with your loved ones. 
  • Drive safely alright. Just in case you are interested to know more about Road Safety, my mom will talk about it on this coming 29th August 2011 on channel Astro Awani. Be sure to wear your seat belt y'all~
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Chocolate coated rice crispies with pumpkin seed und raisins =D Cool eyh.
  • You know how people are in Ramadhan? Most of us tend to do more ibadah than usual days. Which is truly great and I do encourage so. 
  • But you see, along the way, there are people who only think of themselves when doing good. They tend to forget their community ie. the others around them. 
  • Forgetting that by helping those in need is also an ibadah but not just performing Tarawikh prayer, qiam etc. 

I love you adik!

  • Alright, lets put Ramadhan aside. 
  • It is impropriate for us to talk bad about others even though we always perform Solat, recite verses from the Al-Quran, fasting etc. 
  • I don't say that it is better to not perform Solat if one decides to continue his/her negative act. I just hope that we would be able to take Islam as a whole but not to only do things to our liking. 

  • I stumbled upon a tv show entitled Suria Di Cordoba on Astro. I'm not a fan of Drama be it in English or Malay or Indonesia etc. But this particular show is about a lady named Suria who SACRIFICED her wealth and life to help others. She's not the Malay Ustazah type and she doesn't even wear hijab. 
  • So please stop judging people ok~ =)
  • Her character that got me attracted to the show. Well, I don't fancy the romantic scenes what so ever. Geli ~ haha. (Oh memang dari kecik I geli.)
  • You see, sacrifice and donate are two different things. (Please google for the definition.) My husband once told me that not everyone is willing to sacrifice their wealth and life even though they donate. So for this Suria to be able to do so, is definitely superb. 
  • She even said this right to her grumpy ex-boss' face (who asked her to manipulate their clients): "Saya tidak layan orang biadap!". She then quit her job.
  • By doing that, she literally told the grumpy guy that he was being rude and it was and will never be acceptable. 
  • Nahi mungkar, yeah?
Look at Amir's weird shaped head =D
  • Lets together increase the amount of effort to be better. Do not forget to Amar Makruf to EVERYONE but not just to ourselves. 
  • =)
  • So when should we Nahi Mungkar?
  • Simultaneously man!

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