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Assalamualaikum all!
Ramadhan is nearly over =(

  • My first ever Almond cookies! Yeehaaa! I usually baked chocolate chip cookies, boring. hehe. Yesterday I tried to make Almond cookies and instead of having chopped almonds for decoration, I sprinkled sugar balls/thousands (what ever it is called!).
  • The taste is superb since I used eating chocolate but not cooking chocolate. Ohoho. So that is one of the secrets ehey! =)

  • Another cookie that I'm yet to upload is my Cinnamon cookie! My friends and family love my cinnamon cookies so much sampai licin las time I buat. Alhamdulillah.
  • And because of that, I rasa sangat pressure nak kena hasilkan cookies tu sedap this time. hahaha. Dia agak leceh because it needs to be rolled etc. before I chuck it into the oven.
I think this is pretty =) Non-toxic melamine dining sets available in Parkson Grand. 
  • I thought of making cappuccino cookies today but my mind is full with problems at the moment. InshaAllah when the problems are settled, I will start mixing the ingredients. Can't wait to start baking again!
  • Oh and there is another cookie I love. Namanya Bangkit kot. Yang warna white-white and it melts in your mouth. Oooh hadoih~ I could eat a jar of that in 15 minutes! 
  • What's your favorite cookie?
Someone bought sets of Eco Pans and Pots! Plus all the free gifts. Oh where's my tiny egg pan? 
  • I'm going to google for more recipes. 
  • Might end up baking a jar of Meringue. 
  • Oh how lovely =)
Happy baking all!


  1. hehe. Tak lah kak Azila =)
    It took me 6 hours to bake 100 pieces.
    Masih terkial-kial. hehehe

    Nanti bila dah pandai, boleh lah.

  2. my favourite is ju's cinnmon cookies.... nyum2.. :-D


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