Duhai Pomfret

Assalamualaikum all

Colosseum, Rome. Back then, I looked just as same as now. Konon, padahal dah gain weight... Well, not a prob =)

  • So far there are 3 others in the "Jalan-jalan Team". Including husband and I, the total is 5. 
  • To those of you who would like to join us, ya silakan =)
  • There is a strong request that we should go to New Zealand in 2015.
  • It is indeed cheaper than Europe and Africa. I might consider that =)
  • Pomfret is ikan bawal. The fish that my mom would simply seasoned and fry it or make sweet and sour sauce to go with it. Luscious. It has been quite a while since I last had a pomfret. 
White pomfret. Source: w-goodway
  • So what's with pomfret?
  • Nothing. Watching Masterchef US cooks prepared fried catfish, they remind me of one of my favorite fish. 
  • =)
  • Oh would like to share with you as below. To those of you who already knew this, please take it as a reminder =) Afterall, we do need constant reminder don't we? :
Rasulullah tidak makan ikan bersama daging atau telur.
Elakkan makan makanan darat bercampur makanan laut. Contohnya jika seseorang yang memakan nasi berlaukkan sup daging lembu, maka dia tidak digalakkan untuk makan makanan laut seperti udang, ikan atau sotong. Walau bagaimanapun, percampuran makanan ini ( antara makana darat dan makanan laut ) tidaklah dianggap haram cuma ia boleh membahayakan kesihatan.

  • I do not know whether the above is sahih or not. But I think it makes sense. You have this sort of discomfort feeling if you stuff everything all at once right?
  • And do you know that it is better to eat fruits (as appetizer) before we have our main meal? 
  • Go and google for it!
  • =)


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