• Syahmi came home yesterday and told me that Maej came up with the idea to distribute blankets/fleeces to the homeless.
  • So I said alright and we went to Mydin to get drinking water for the homeless as well. 
  • This time, The Marjans vocalist, Azeem Johan came with us. 

  • At first Syahmi led the team to Pudu area. We stopped at familiar places and I did search for a particular Indian lady to distribute sanitary napkins but she was nowhere to be seen! So I thought she has moved on and am happy for her (if and only if she really has a home to stay in).
  • We then tried to go to the Pasar Pudu but the traffic was quite heavy hence Gigi led us to Masjid Wilayah. 
  • As usual, we parked our cars by the road side and carried bottles of water plus blankets to distribute. Some expressed their gratitude to us while some were too sleepy to wake up. 
  • Azeem came to me and said : "When can I selimutkan dia orang ni?
  • I ni dok takut they all terkejut pastu bangun terus bersilat bila kita cover dia dengan blanket.hehe. but I was wrong. 
  • I helped to cover an elderly who was already in deep slumber. Same goes to Azeem, Maej and everyone else. We ended up jadi tukang selimut instead of just distributing those fleece. 
Finally Azeem Johan got to do what he really wanted in the beginning which is to literally cover sleeping homeless people with comfortable fleeces.

  • Even ada yang tak mahu blanket sebab dah ada or he knows that someone else lebih perlukan the blanket. So kind kan =)
Husband giving out fleece while Azeem distributing drinking water at Masjid Wilayah. I think this is the most comfortable place to sleep kot. Less noise and crowd. Wallahu'alam. 
  • So we continued our journey to the Central Market. We have never distributed anything in this area before so I was a bit reluctant. Just when I reached the car park entrance a guard came to me and asked. "Nak buat apa kat sini?" I couldn't find the right words to reply hence Azeem replied him saying "Nak bagi makan dekat orang-orang tu." Not that we had food with us pun last night. But just to have a concise answer.
  • The guard then said: "Naik lemak lah dia orang ni kamu asyik bagi makan. Pemalas dia orang ni."
  • We were stunned. At that moment I believed him. Because I remembered Jaja (ReachOut volunteer) once told us not to go to certain places where there might be drug addicts but not the "genuine" homeless people. 
  • Then we asked the guard: "Mana nak jumpa homeless yang tua-tua?"
  • He then directed us to a place called Bangkok Bank. He said: "Sana ramai orang uzur. Baik kamu orang tolong sana. Jangan tolong sini. Kejap lagi ada police datang ronda juga di sini sebab sini kawasan pelancongan."
  • Yes, at that instant I saw an English man walked in the vicinity. haha. Dan dan interframe. 

  • We managed to distribute about 60 plus blankets last night. We failed to reach Pasar Pudu and we decided to continue next time with Allah's will. 
  • Before we left, I had a good chat with one of the volunteers, Nini from Big Belly Brothers & Fairies. They just started to distribute food every fortnight. If you are interested to join them, please visit their facebook page. Click here.
  • We quickly exchanged info and bid farewell.

  • We arrived home at about 2:10 am. We treated ourselves with a slice of Pavlova Syahmi bought earlier on from Serai.
  • Such a treat after the 2 hours hunting and giving =)
  • Alhamdulillah. 
  • InshaAllah we will come up with other activities with other different "subjects". Please pray for us. We really need extra strength and support. 
  • To those of you who have been dealing with anak-anak yatim, I would like to know more about it. Please share some info with me. 
  • Thank you.
Last day nak buat cookies!


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