Hey! What's That?!

Chill y'all!

  • I was looking for a receipt in a small drawer of ours when I "stumbled upon" these items that I forgot I have them! :
A small card from mama to me when I turned 16 or 17. Can't really remember. 

Syahmi's baju kurung buttons. A gift from aunt Fatimah, baby Ayla's mother. hehe. So babe, you do not need to get a new set. Pakai bling2 ni je boleh? =D haha

These facial wipes have long been dried! Now I'm using it to wipe furniture. 

My first ever "Greek" clay pot! I made and painted this myself when I was 10. It was part of the art class in Highfield Jr. and Infant School, Birmingham. I don't think we have this exercise here in our non-independent schools. No?
Someone has been cheeky. Why don't you finish these medicine babe?? Are these the ones you got at 3am in the morning? Haiyo. Dah basi agaknya ubat ni.

Our humble tiny pad locks that have been to Portugal, Espanyola, Italia, und etc. Thank you very much for accompanying us =) Nampak norr dah setahun tak keluar Malaysia. Oh not forgetting our UK flat keys! Memang gitu je kunci nya. Tak ada kunci grille segala. Just one main door. 

My cute Barbie's spatula! Hehehe =D

One of my Swatch wrist watches! Mom bought this skin Swatch in Budapest (if I'm not mistaken) yearssss ago while I was still in a boarding school. God! I memang tak ingat kalau tak jumpa ni! Still in great condition =) I am so going to have the battery replaced. Boleh pakai Raya =D
  • It is sooo exciting and enjoyable to find and know that you still have and own things that have been forgotten. 
  • You might want to start cleaning your drawers too.
  • I'm sure you will start to scream and laugh out loud =D
  • Go! 
Such fun and free activity =)


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