Hidup Ini Hanya . . .

Sementara . . .

Assalamualaikum y'all!
  • Bagus! If Juaini Johan is on holiday, maka The Sale pun turut menikmati cutinya. Bahh!
  • InshaAllah I will upload a Wedgwood limited edition note book as soon as possible.

Oh yes. I stumbled upon this Trudy & Teddy. Cute and I guess the price is CUTE too. 
Click here to know more about Trudy & Teddy. You might want to get your baby (ies) a piece or two for this coming Raya ;-)


  1. Ju!
    Leen dah sampai malaysia alhamdulillah.. Free tak weekend 27-28? :)

  2. Yeehaaa!!!!
    Lets meet! Jom jom!


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