The Prince

Assalamualaikum all.

  • The above is a video of Amir Albanna being teased by his Tok Abah. Of course amir tak didera =)
  • He would "jebek" his lower lip when he heard my father's voice. Guess he's afraid of your tone abah. hehe.

  • I find it important to have names with beautiful meanings. So when people call us by our names, sojuk telinga mendengar eyhwah~
  • A few of my friends had given birth to lovely babies and all of the babies have beautiful names. MashaAllah. Pandai mereka cari ya. Ada kitab nama-nama baby ya? =)
  • And as for myself, in Hebrew, Ayla means "Oak Tree" and a modern Turkish name meaning "Circle or crystalic light around the moon and in some cases the sun."
  • Sah sah lah I just quoted from wikipedia. hehe. There's a story behind Ayla. My mom is a bookworm. She loves to read up until now. When she was still studying in England, she read a book entitled "Clan Of The Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel. 
  • The main character is Ayla. The author portrayed her as a self-willed and spirited. 
  • So basically if you were to call me Ayla, sama juga macam panggil Oak Tree =D Esok lusa tulat tubin nama anak I semua nama pokok: Pine Tree, Hazel Tree etc. 
  • Canggih eyh? =D

A pair of Adams new baby shoes will be uploaded on The Sale soon. Check it out alright =)

  • As for now, nama yang I berkenan is Al-Mansurah or Mansoorah. Al-Mansurah is a city in Egypt.  It means victorious. No?
  • So what does your name mean?
  • Anyone with "tayar"?
  • =)
  • Salam Ramadhan all. 


  1. saya ada sorang kawan nama ulfah mansurah :)


  2. Sedapnya nama dia! Tell her that ok Amni :)
    Ulfa maksudnya apa?
    Amni, Amani, and Amna pun sedap :)


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