Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Assalamualaikum y'all!

  • Greatest apology. I was away last weekend and didn't have the momentum to start typing yesterday. Not because penat puasa ok. Hadoyh.
  • So Ramadhan. Nice. The month that I have been waiting for. I got married a few days before Ramadhan. hehe. 
  • Ramadhan is the only month when we perform Tarawih/Tarawikh prayer. Double nice. 
Fusion cake. Bahaha. Tasted like bread pudding since I substituted fresh milk with condensed milk. There was no fresh milk in the refrigerator yesterday! We had this untuk berbuka puasa hari pertama =)
  • We (Syahmi and I) did not have heavy sahur on the first day. We only had 3 pieces of dates each and some water. Husband brought some dates into our room before went to bed. So we ended up having sahur in our room =) 
  • We had simple home cooked dishes for our first Iftar. Syahmi bought 3-4pieces of kuih muih and that was just about it. We managed to skip a visit to any Ramadhan Bazaar. Weheee! 
  • What about you? What's new in/at Ramadhan Bazaar this year? 
  • As of Tarawih prayer, we walked to a minute away Mosque near mama's. 
  • Alhamdulillah, Allah S.W.T. has made it easy for all of us. 

We had this a day before Ramadhan. IceRoom in Bangi. We tried, Durian , Blueberry and Mango flavored Ice desserts. 
  • InshaAllah I will post an entry on Abu Lahab and his wife, Arwa tomorrow. 
What's for Iftar?


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