Tanda Ku Patuh

Assalamualaikum y'all!

  • Just a few days left before we start to miss Ramadhan again. 
  • My Raya preparation? As usual, not much. Still baking cookies though. hehe. I might be visiting mydin again to get more butter =)
First attempt of making cappuccino cookies but they don't even have the smell of coffee! =( So this will not be served alright, unless if I decorate it with coffee icing =D Yeehaa!
  • So what do you guys do to show your love and appreciation to Allah? 
  • What do you guys do to show that you only depend on Him?
  • Makanya kita semua Muslims ber Ruku' lantas ber Sujud

  • During Ruku' we recite this:
"Glory be to Allah, the Supreme, and all praise is for Him.."

  • During Sujud we recite this:
"Glory be to Allah the Most High and all praise is for Him."

The above is a video of Amir loving the sound of a hungry Monster =)

  • Islam is indeed easy. One of the easiest ways to show our respect and love to Allah s.w.t. is by performing Solat. 
  • Tell me, would you Sujud to anyone or anything else in this world? No right. So Allah is special to us right? =) 
  • We don't have to impress Him with a huge mansion or a Pagani like what some of us did to win a materialistic woman's heart. 
  • We just need to take ablution and we can perform our prayer anywhere we want just as long as the place is clean. 
Alright y'all! Galaxy tab 10.1 is here. Confirm yours truly tak dapat ni pasal baru dapat gadget canggih juga from family =D But I reckon that you tengok2 dulu gadget ni. For more info click here.

  • At the end of the day, that Pagani belongs to Allah s.w.t pun =p
  • Kita saja yang selalu lupa bahawa semua di dunia ini adalah milik Allah and kita hanya meminjam. 
  • Barang pinjam wajib dipulangkan. 
  • Tak pulang....
  • dosa.

Ada kasut Jessica Simpson! Will upload on The Sale after Raya okeyh =)


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