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  • Manusia ini ibarat Transformers. Ada kalanya berubah kepada sifat yang lebih positive, dan ada kalanya berubah kembali kepada sifat asal.
The machine on the left is transforming. Abang Optimus Prime. The name: Hippopotamus Prime. The pilots were oblivious. Too busy posing.
  • Have you ever heard of " Life is like a wheel?". Bak kata orang Melayu, hidup ibarat roda. Sebentar diatas, sebentar lagi di bawah. 
  • "Transforming" into someone with better attitude und akhlak is definitely superb and I do encourage that. However, if one wishes to transform from being a male to female vice versa ie. change sex oder gender, it's a HUGE NO NO.
  • und = and while oder = or . Ok now I will infuse more German vocab in this blog =)
Almira at 1 year and 2 months. No wonder she's good at playing small gadgets =) She has now transformed from a joyful little toddler to a serious gadget freak kid. haha.
  • There was a show on BBC about a Muslim man who fell in love with another man. Before the "weird" feeling developed, he was already married to a beautiful lady and Allah had given the couple 3 kids (if I'm not mistaken). Through out the years he had developed a special feeling towards men. God knows how and why. 
  • His dramatic change in character had led him to stay away from crowd. He brought himself to live on a deserted hill and continuously prayed to Allah S.W.T. for mercy and guidance. His children came to visit him once in awhile and they were still close regardless of his condition. 
  • The brilliant thing about him is that, he did not submit himself to his homosexual desire. Instead, he prayed to Allah S.W.T. and made himself unavailable to the other homosexual men.
  • MasyaAllah. What a great effort.    

  • I stumbled upon a news on a transgender Malay man who was claimed to have been suffering from depression due to the rejection of his application and the harsh criticism he faced from certain sects of Malaysian society. He passed away on July 30th, 2011 at 5.00am.
  • On our side, we should not support gender transformation nor we should call them names und treat them badly. Right? Instead, we have to help and pray for them. The story above (on BBC) might be one of the best stories we could share with the transgender people and homosexuals. 
  • Ya, apa yang against kata Allah S.W.T. perlu kita tidak menyokong UND perlu kita tegur dan bantu.
  • Mungkin dikepala mereka hanya nampak jalan untuk layan sahaja kehendak nafsu dan tidak nampak jalan penyelesaian lain kerana tidak pernah ada orang share other altenatives. No?
  • Wallahu'alam. 

  • To those of you yang ada kenalan-kenalan yang sudah berubah oder mula nak transform ke arah bertentangan fitrah, you might want to share the BBC story dengan mereka.
  • If manusia itu memang dilahirkan dengan chromosomal defects, maka Allah lebih maha mengetahui. 
Lets walk on the moon . . .


  1. sexuality, when it comes to modern society is a complex issue to be discussed.

    there is no more straight and gays. there are in-betweens and between the n-betweens.



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