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  • You know, when some people make your effort turns to dust, it makes you want to back off and put everything to a halt. 
  • Instead of appreciating the things you have done, they demand for more.
  • How ungrateful is that?
The examples that I'm about to share have got nothing to do with my mama and bapak. To my family, lepas ni jangan ada yang lock me outside of your homes ok =D 
To husband, I love you. 
  • The problem with most Malaysians is that they only perform Solat, fast in Ramadhan, and wear Hijab. To them Islam is just about all those 3 things. 
  • They fail to see that communication, interaction, socialization, manners, child development, etc. are also important matters. 
Mama with her one and only grandson, Amir Albanna.

  • As parents, we have no rights at all to be rude to our children. Ok now some will say, is there such situation as parents being rude to their children?
  • The answer is YES. 
  • Easy and common examples: you fail to say "Please" when you ask for your child's help and also asking for help with ridiculous high tone. 
  • In that case, most children will have these words in their head : "W t f."
  • I don't blame the children though. You are rude to them hence the kuah jatuh on your nasi man!

Sedangkan Rasulullah kita menghormati kanak-kanak kecil, apakah kita ada hak untuk merasa begitu superior sehingga berasa siapa kita untuk mendengar nasihat anak-anak. Astaghfirullah. 

The video above: Almira Alhassan Alayoubi talking to fish in a pond. Mulut tu kalah Tyra punya pout lips =D
  • Another general example (since it is still in Raya mood and I bet some of you are experiencing this):
  • Expressing on how uncool your child and the spouse are for not being fair just because they failed to meet you on the 1st Syawal is very childish and unpleasant to hear.
  • Have you ever thought or considered the situation your son/daughter is in?
  • You have to constantly remind yourself that the life your son/daughter is having right now is not yours and he/she is not experiencing the same situation as you are. 
  • Therefore I urge you (all parents) to think before you speak.
  • Without you knowing, your son/daughter has been trying so hard to find time for you. 
  • Why don't you visit your child instead? Dalam kitab tak pernah tertulis pun Allah mengharamkan parents pergi visit anak right? 
  • If you still rasa "Apa pula mak dan ayah yang usaha visit anak, kami ini orang tua, awak itu yang patut visit kami." maka I tell you, itulah perasaan superior. Sedangkan Rasulullah tidak pernah berlaku begitu malah beliau sendiri pergi menjenguk anaknya Fatimah. 

Kakak Almira malu hence nyorok belakang Adik Amir. 

  • Pernah ada satu kali I salam orang muda-muda dulu kerana mereka terlebih dekat pada I, kemudian baru I salam makcik-makcik yang tua. Terus ada seorang makcik itu berkata kepada I depan semua:
"Lain kali salam yang tua-tua dulu."
  • Allahuakbar. Terkejut I dengar. Rasa mak cik itu agak kolot pun ada. Disitu Allah gave me a chance to experience such situation myself. I went home and told Syahmi. My husband then shared a story:
Pernah pada satu tempat keramaian di sebelah kanan Rasulullah s.a.w terduduknya seorang kanak-kanak dan disebelah kiri pula terduduknya seorang lelaki tua. Sebelum Rasululllah s.a.w mengagihkan makanan beliau berkata kepada semua di situ bahawasanya lebih afdal jika dimulakan disebelah kanan. Kemudian Rasulullah s.a.w. memberi makan kepada kanak-kanak itu dahulu. Orang tua tadi tidak kisah jika Rasulullah s.a.w. menyediakan makanan buat kanak-kanak disebelah kanannya terdahulu sebelum memberi makan kepada orang tua tersebut. 

  • How can I make things clearer?
  • I've given out simple examples. If you feel like you are in this position, please let your parents read this. You didn't type this so why be afraid?
  • Take it as you're helping them to realize their mistakes. As a child, you have the responsibility to guide your parents too. It's all in Islam. 
  • Tegur dan sama-sama perbaiki mana salah. Not that you're trying to be superior pun. But make sure dengan lembut. Jangan kita pun sama tengking mengagah saja. 

Kepada yang mengenali diri, mohon maaf jika ada yang terasa. I just want to share things that I know about Islam with all. I'm no good too. So lets together improve ourselves alright =) 


  1. nanti lekat terus nama Albanna dengan Alhasan Alayoubi tu karang.huhu. may both of them become like Hassan Albanna and Salahuddin Alayoubi

  2. hehe.
    inshaAllah. Ameen.
    but looking at Almira's reaction to fireworks, kena polish lagi sebab Salahuddin was a very brave man.



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