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  • Lahirnya my husband in the month of Syawal, hence Syahmi. 
  • If he was born in Ramadhan, perhaps his name would be Ramadhani no? =)
  • Spare beautiful names for your children. Avoid from using:
Watie, واطي = Low
(from google translator)

Just got out of the show and he's thinking on how to produce a replica VW made in China =D Just kiddin. 

  • We went to the Volkswagen (Folks Vagen) das Auto show in bukit jalil. Pretty good for their first such event in Malaysia despite the long wait. 
  • We were asked to sit in a huge dome where they presented us their various Volkswagen car models. The whole dome acted as a massive screen. Watch the video below to know exactly what I had experienced. 

  • Well, there were only 2 models that I have a liking for plus 1 model for the just in case mode =)
  • The top of the chart is Scirocco, then comes Passat CC. Touareg is the "just in case model". Basically Touareg is the cheaper and cooler version of Cayenne. Performance wise, some say they are neck to neck. I'm not sure though. My personal opinion, Touareg lagi lawa dari Cayenne. Period.

  • My aunt used to own a classic Beetle. I still remember sitting on the passenger seat with mom on our way to her home from a bus station in JB. 
  • And I also remember my uncle brought us to a mall at night in that particular classic Beetle =) Siap ada ngorat awek ticket lagi you! =D 
  • Do you have any memories with VW?
Personally, I don't like the look of current VW Beetle. 

  • Speaking of VW, my lovely niece drove one last Friday! She drove an Eos with the roof down (top off) =).
  • Not forgetting a miniature car in her hands. Oh wait, how did you manage to drive if you held a miniature car with both hands?
  • Almira Alhassan Alayoubi guna kaki.
  • =D
Driving in Mak Cik's (sis in law's mom) kitchen. 
Referring to her registration plate, she's from Kedah. Ke kereta curi ni Almira???

  • To students yang still in the UK, jangan lupa to take into account insurance, maintenance, road tax etc. bila beli car from UK ya. Nak nak siapa yang bawa masuk McLaren Mercedes. 
  • Good luck =)


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