Do Not Stop


  • Kids need motivation from adults. Sometimes they do give up easily as they thought they "know" that they can't do things as "perfect" as the adults do. 
  • The video below is Almira Josey, age 2 years and 3 months literally said, "Iya tak andai" after about 20 seconds of coloring a flower. 

  • So what did I do? Ahaaaa... I took turns with her to color that particular flower instead of completing it by myself. 
  • And at the same time, of course puji lah. Kids need recognition and reward. So do not forget to say "Excellent!" or "Great job!" whenever they manage to do something positive.
  • Alright friends? =)
  • And you know what, she managed to color the small circle in the middle neatly by herself! 
  • Indeed she has improved! Superb!
  • Unfortunately I didn't get to record it =( 
After the activities at the park and coloring pictures, I took her  out for lunch at a nearby mall where we met her mom. She did enjoy playing inside a fitting room =) 

  • Yes, Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya went Kaboom! this morning.
  • For more info on the explosion, click here.
  • Sow now, is it safe to purchase a property above mall?
  • Hurmm.... malang tidak berbau, no?
  • Well in this case, I bet someone must had smelled the leaking gas before the explosion. 


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