I Like You Big Sister

Assalamualaikum all!
What a lovely weather here in Ooobang.

  • I managed to capture a video of Almira Josey playing with Sumayya Hadi. 
  • Oh my, It started of with Almira stretching her arms when suddenly Sumayya put her left hand on Almira's left arm. Pergh. 
  • From there, Almira turned around to Sumayya and started playing with her chubby arm =)
  • Not long after that, Sumayya gave Almira a beautiful smile.
  • Watch the video below to know exactly what had happened.
  • Oh and did Amir Josey sound jealous? haha
  • Almira is indeed a very good sister. She cares for all babies in the world I tell you. 
  • She would pat her own baby brother when he cries or if he is awake from his sleep.  
  • And she would chase after kids to make friends! There was once when she was about 1 year and 2 months, she chased after an English boy (aged 3-4 year old) at the Heathrow airport. The boy was scared to see Almira wanted to befriend him and ran for his mom instead.
  • Wahlaw~
  • =D
Grumpy when she's tired. 
  • How many of you are friendly?
  • What does it take to be friendly?
  • Do you know anyone who is friendly?

[Mafhumnya] Tiap-tiap amalan makruf (kebajikan) adalah sedekah. Sesungguhnya di antara amalan makruf ialah berjumpa kawan dengan wajah ceria (senyum) dan mengurangi isi baldi mu untuk diisikan ke mangkuk kawan mu.
(Hadis Riwayat: Imam Ahmad)

  • The hadith above, spot on. 
  • Lets together teach our children to be friendly and smile to others. 
  • But how?
  • Kita start dulu baru our kids ikut kot.
  • =)
Sumayya Hadi and Almira Josey, thank you for being so inspirational =)


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