Oh Simple Thing

Assalamualaikum =)

  • Jangan biarkan syaitan menguasai kita. Kita lebih hebat daripada syaitan maka dengan itu bertindaklah seperti seorang pahlawan. 
The 2nd lemang abah bought on the 1st day of Raya. Weee~

  • I was waiting for Syahmi to arrive home when I saw an Ustaz on Al-Hijrah channel reminding all of us not to curse, especially on roads.
  • You know how most people react to road congestions, minor road collisions and turtle speed cars?
  • Exactly. It's like the word "patience" does not exist at all!
  • So what should we do instead of cursing other drivers?
  • The Ustaz advised us to say: 
Source: www.schiiten.com
In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful

  • Is that it?
  • Yes! =)
  • Oh simple thing.
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  • The Ustaz then explained, if we were to curse others, syaitan will grow bigger and larger. But if we recite "Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim", syaitan will shrink into the size of a fly!
  • This is one of the simple things that most of us failed to do. Even I myself sometimes failed to "watch my mouth" on roads especially when huge busses sped on highways. I always find the bus drivers irritating and end up saying this and that to the drivers. Not like they will go any slower pun! 
  • And I'm sure you've seen drivers taking up the emergency lane during heavy traffic on highways, no? Oh Lord. 
  • Emergency lane is for emergency purposes only. It's for the ambulance, police officers etc. to use incase they need to rush to an accident scene. If you really need to pee and dah tak boleh tahan, you can also use the lane =) 
  • Oh so simple but yet so difficult to avoid the tempting lane.

See I told you! After sembahyang Raya, then makan and then terus main Mono Deal ;) Tak pasal-pasal.

  • There are so many simple things yang kita lepas pandang. 
  • Kena lebih alert and aware lepas nih. 
  • =)
  • Siapa still beraya?


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