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Oh my~ Juaini Johan made luscious roti jala and chicken curry for dinner =D (Oh angkat bakul....) Johan Hashim and Josey Johan please be jealous. Ok fine thank you bye.
  • I'm no super star. I'm a shy lady. Cewah~  
  • I do not know what it is like to perform solo in front of more than 100 people. Do you?
  • When I was 8, I had a mini concert at Yamaha. I played the organ with other two girls (1 Chinese and 1 Indian. Enough to become 1 Malaysia? Bahaha.) in front of Japanese musicians you. I was really nervous before the show but when I started to hit the keys, wallaweyh puyau lai kosi kosi, tak hingat dah! I played like I was someone famous you =D
  • When I was 16, I participated in so many school plays. But they were all group performances. Hence no solo. 
  • When I was in college (age of 19), my friends and I did perform a song I composed when I was still a kid! =D Again, no solo.  
I named this band Dua. Know what, some people spell Doa as Dua? Well, in Malay, Dua means Two. It takes two to tango and it takes two to clean a chicken coop! Not going to do it alone man. 

  • So what is it like to be a super star? To have thousands and millions or perhaps billions of people watching you. Not forgetting your die-hard fans! 
  • Well let me be honest, nowadays, there are more people looking up to music artists, performers, actors etc. than para-para ulamak and those who constantly reminding us about Islam. No?
  • It must be due to the interesting personality, appearance and gossips of an actor. While most people who talk about Islam always appear dull, boring, and monotonous. Agree?

  • So how to attract people???
  • Haaaaa....this is one of the things what you super stars should do: To create an Islamic piece =) 
  • Easy, No? 
  • Well yeah, you already have the personality, look, appearance etc. Lets not wait for the ulama' to change. 
Wahhhh. Nak jadi super star??? You might want to join this Independent Film Festival in Utah! Dan dan I cakap pasal super star, terus ada opportunity. Let the world know about our Islamic values y'all! For more info, click here. Pasti superb.

  • When you already have millions of people listening to your music or even follow your daily routines, you have a tremendous chance to instill Islamic values in them. MashaAllah. Just imagine  ganjaran yang you akan receive from Allah s.w.t. Superb! 
  • If you rasa once you dah start compose Islamic songs or even dah stop perform on stage without your clothes on that you akan hilang peminat, you are soooo wrong. 
  • Hilang peminat does not mean you gagal. What for perform or act on screens kalau the piece itu tiada substance

  • To you guys yang dah famous, do not lose the chance and take things too lightly. You have all the attention you need. If you cakap to your audience and fans canggini after shows: "Jom solat!", terus dapat pahala you. Yang mana belum kahwin, mesti berjujuk muslimat tunggu untuk dinikahi oleh you =) 
  • Mana taknya, you mengajak kebaikan.
Almira Josey, my super star =) The video above is Almira playing a guitar. She dragged the guitar herself and started playing while I was busy chit chatting with SIL. She even sang with the tune! Put your volume to high to listen to her "melodious" song =)
  • Ramai para pendakwah wish that they have followers und fans yang ramai macam you. Allah dah bagi you fans yang ramai, in a way dah permudahkan hal. No? 
  • To all Super Stars, inshaAllah lagi murah rezeki you bila you sampaikan firman Allah s.w.t. 
  • Bukan I suruh, but Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. yang pesan supaya kita sentiasa Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar (Mengajar kebaikan dan menolak kemungkaran.).



  1. sedapnye roti jala tu juuu!!! kalo i dtg raye umah u, i nak request mkn tu boleh? hehehehe

  2. Ya Allah... sangat lah boleh Zack =D
    Tapi kena let me know a day early so that boleh prepare ingredients.
    Jemputlah datang =)


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