Who Is Your Pumpkin?

Assalamualaikum y'all!

At bapak's during the 1st Syawal 2011 y'all. Of course I edited this photo. I almost put everything to the max =) Hope it is not too late, Salam Syawal from both of us to you readers!
  • Azeem reminded us about a boy named Apple during dinner. So we all started to give nicknames such as Tempe after Azeem blurted out "Oh, mesti second child dia Orange." 
  • Well, I think I am my husband's Pumpkin (due to my boolatness =p) and he is my Aubergine (kejap bulat kejap tak).
  • There was once, I asked a friend of mine named A (not her real name) about another friend of mine named B (not her real name too).
  • As usual, just to catch up with things I asked how does B doing at the moment. By the facial reaction of A, I could sense the negativeness on what she was about to say. 
  • Weeks later, I found out myself that B was and is doing great with her life! Alhamdulillah =) She is indeed happy with her marriage life. 
  • So how on earth did A manage to come up with such negative story?
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  • Perception oder fitnah?
  • ("Oder" is "or" in German)
  • I will not talk about perception or fitnah now. I am sure you know what is in my head. 
  • Of course! Do not trust news about others told by other people sepantas kilat y'all! No matter whether she's your best friend or a stranger or gapo gapo lah. 
  • Mintak jauh you. 
  • Lets together think before we speak. 
  • We might accidentally destroy/ruin other people's happiness with our silly little talks.


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