You Melafazkan Kerinduan

Assalamualaikum y'all!

  • Cewah, title tak nak kalah~
  • How was your Raya celebration? Mine was superb wunderbar! Hence the long silence. hehe.
  • To those of you who always keep on checking for updates, I would like to apologize. I was away with poor internet connection. I was unable to post any entries on Raya celebration and what ever that goes with it earlier on. But anyway thank you very much for checking and inshaAllah I will keep on posting beneficial stuffs. 
Thanks to Azeem's girlpren, we were addicted to Monopoly Deal for days!

  •  Oh yes, we miss Ramadhan. Hopefully we all get to see the next Ramadhan. 
  • Honestly, this is one of the best Eid Celebration I ever had. From day one to day six, I was surrounded by my parents and in laws. Kiranya ku puas beraya with all =)
  • The result is, sore throat plus running nose. Pergh. But worth it.

From a degree student to mrt engineer. Semua dah tak pandang kelain dah. It was all because of you Mono Deal!

  • Now Raya is no more about having new clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry etc. To me, it is more on how you embrace the day with your relatives and loved ones plus friends und those who matter. 
  • It's the day when most of us get to escape from work routines. With that, we spend more time visiting others. It's indeed a reward from Allah s.w.t. after the 29-30 days of fasting in Ramadhan. No?
  • Even though it only happens once or twice a year (due to Raya Haji), lets not forget to be grateful alright =)

Lemang hunting on Raya Eve. We were on our way home from Alamanda when we spotted a lemang stall.  

  • We received a couple of small children "mintak Raya" at our place. Some were rude while some were as polite as a doll (is there such proverb? bahaha).
  • I wonder what were their parents thinking! Allowing their sons and daughters below 12 years old jalan-jalan "minta duit Raya". Tak khuatir kena kidnap ke???
  • The moment my father told me a young girl literally ordered "iced milo" to him, nak aja I doa budak-budak ni kena culik (ok jahat sungguh. But I tak doa pun. Terfikir je. hehe.). Just to teach their parents a lesson. First for allowing their children to walk quite a distance from home without any adult supervision and secondly for the bad manners!
  • Ok fine. Do not be judgmental Ayla. The parents might have told the kids to behave but the kids just failed to listen. There are so many possibilities which I really need to consider. 
  • What ever it is, hopefully parents dia tak ajar anak-anak the meaning of Raya is to collect duit Raya. If yes, disgraceful betul. 

The whole family camped by the road side to sell lemang. The eldest son (if I'm not mistaken) helped his parents to sell and entertain customers. Besar pahala you adik baju biru. 

Again. Every time ada free time pasti mawu main Deal. Haiyo.

  • I believe that we do change constantly. Do not wait for your parents or closed ones to tell you what to do. Lets together use our "head" to think and act. 
  • To have beautiful community, we need to start from home. InshaAllah all of us will soon be parents with kids. Do not wait for our tummy to be as round as a beach ball then only we want to start planning for the baby. 
  • Semua tindak tanduk kita akan beri kesan kepada bayi. 
  • The way you eat, the way you speak, the way you interact with others, etc. semua itu perlu jadi positive before kita mendidik anak kita. This is because our children will look up to us in every single thing that they do. 
  • So if you are rude to your parents, makanya there are great possibilities dia akan ikut =)

Cooking time! Fillin up jars with cookies. 

  • InshaAllah, kepada kenalan-kenalan I yang masih usaha nak become pregnant, jangan mengeluh. Lets together make use of our free time to absorb more positive values and inshaAllah boleh pass down to our kid(s) nanti =) 
  • Tapi bila anak kita tak menjadi seperti mana kita harapkan, jangan bersangka buruk terhadap Allah alright. 
  • Iman tidak diwarisi. 

Mom on t.v. explaining road conditions in Malaysia on Raya Eve. Ada muka I tak? =D

  • So siapa yang met with road collision during Raya?
  • Be extra careful ok. 


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