Afraid Of The Dark


  • The reason why most kids are afraid of the dark is because we make them believe that ghosts wander around in the dark. 
Just uploaded a set of 2 used baby rompers on The SALE. 
  • I used to be afraid too. But hey, syaitan does not wait for the night to come to disturb and pester us. So why don't we tell the kids that, ghosts might not appear but they are with us during the day too. 
  • I guess the outcome will be ; Kids will never wake up from their sleep. Hahaha. Too afraid to even lift their eyelids. 
Haaa. Siapa suka motor and GP segala? Check this out y'all! 

  • I was having lunch with my mom at Istana Budaya yesterday when I heard a kid behind me said sort of like this to his/her (I'm not sure whether the kid was a boy or a girl) father:
"Mama doesn't wear tudung so she is berdosa!" 
"She will wear bila tua nanti",

  • the father replied.

  • To me, the father sort of giving an idea that it is ok not to wear hijab at a young age and it's good enough to start wearing tudung when you are already a senior citizen. 
  • Or simply said, it is ok to collect dosa at a younger age but not when you are 50 plus. 
  • Wahlaw~
  • I am not going to tell you what to do with your kids. I'm sure you know them better than I do. 
  • =)
  • Last saturday was my mom's graduation ceremony. To my friends and relatives, my mom said thank you very much for all your wishes and Doa (with a huge smile). =D
  • Let the photos do the talking.
  • To husband, family, relatives and friends, here are a few photos taken during that day.
Dr. Radin was my mom's supervisor. Unfortunately he was too ill to attend the ceremony. Please make Doa for him. 

So now you know how on earth The Marjans got their band name from. Weee~ =D

Mama was the 4th person to be called up. The 1st lady to receive a "scroll" from Sultan Selangor during the 1st session. But then, we (Uncle Wan and I) had to wait patiently for the other 380 graduates to receive theirs. Pergh!
Mama with Dato' Seri.

Mama with her "honey" =p Pergh!

Almira nak jadi Amir ke ni makan fingers segala. 

Of course a click at Dato' Seri's =) This photo was taken by her butler. =D

He was indeed happy for his grandmother. All this while asyik Amir Josey and Almira Josey sahaja right? Now I present you the father of both munchkins: Mr. Josey Areza.

Amir with his Tok Abah and Nenek, still at Dato Seri's =D

Mama macam Puss in Boots! =D Hehehe. 
  • Lepas ni adalah yang tanya mak dia orang: "Mama! Ju dah jadi Dato' Seri?!!"
  • =)
  • Haaa. I saja ja letak nak tengok how alert you are. 
  • Apa guna title you carry kalau tidak buat semua benda kerana Allah? I pun masih terkial-kial and sangat jauh lagi perjalanan I untuk menjadi seorang muslim yang bagus.
  • Please make Doa for me alright =)
  • Most photos were taken at Marriot Putrajaya. 
  • Mom treated all of us for a buffet lunch. 
  • I didn't get her anything. Well, at least Syahmi (her only son-in-law) got her something as a gift.
  • Will blog about it tomorrow inshaAllah. 



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