Allah s.w.t. Maha Mengerti


  • Having a husband who is away from home, a biological father who will undergo a minor surgery and a friend who is not in a good state of her pregnancy are enough to get my head working. 
  • InshaAllah semua akan selamat dan I believe that Allah s.w.t. is looking after them. 
  • Thank you very much Allah.
Can't wait to see you abah. May everything goes well as planned. 
  • Syahmi and I had a discussion about Zakat weeks before he left. We were unaware of the real situation hence the decision to not pay Zakat in K.L/Selangor. I extended our thoughts to mama and she said she was thinking of doing it too until she met a Zakat guy in K.L. 
  • The Zakat guy said, there are still many fakirs, poor and needy in K.L. It's just that they don't appear on t.v.
  • It makes sense though. We always see K.L. as an elite city with high rise condos worth millions of ringgit etc. Not forgetting the ones who spend time drinking a mug of RM50 coffee in restaurants or in Pavillion and shop only at high-end boutiques. With the amount of zakat left, we just don't feel the need to contribute to the city and state!

  • Most people except for the Kelantanese think that the Kelantanese in Kelantan are very poor since they still live in "rumah kayu", sell beans and tofu by the road side and etc.
  • Not knowing that the Kelantanese, especially the women are loaded with gold! It's like a tradition where if you have money, you buy gold but not dresses by Vera Wang or shoes by Weitzman. 
  • Well at least there are people at my age who still follow the smart tradition but not me. 
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  • So how now brown cow?
  • Bayar zakat di Selangor und K.L oder Kelantan?
  • Haaaa. Sabah nak? Ramai lagi orang fakir di Sabah banding negeri lain. 
  • Well at the end of the day, Allah s.w.t. lebih memahami fikiran dan perasaan kita. 
  • Janganlah kita was was. 
  • Buat mana yang baik. Bayarlah zakat dimana jua. Bila ada duit lebih, donate to those who are in need even though duit zakat still berkepuk di lembaga zakat. 
Oh thank you Allah for another Friday =)


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