Bom Sama Dia


  • One of the reasons why we (Syahmi and I) attended German language classes back in England is because we thought of pursuing our career in German automotive sector. Or perhaps it was just in my dream, no babe? hahaha.
  • So today I greeted my husband with "Buenos Dias" which we learnt that during our Easter break in Granada, Spain. 
  • Instead of replying back (even though husband knew that it was actually at night here in Malaysia, while he was still busy working at his office), he corrected me by saying "Bom Dia".
  • Bom dia?! Like he really wanted to bomb me??
  • Nahhhh.... they both mean the same which is Good Morning. Just that Bom Dia is in Portuguese.  

The "Bom Dia" guy posing before we headed to Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi's fortress in Sinai, Egypt.
  • Speaking of bom, it reminds me of a news Syahmi forwarded to me yesterday. News on Sultan Brunei respecting Syariah Law and would like Islamic criminal law to be implemented in Brunei a.s.a.p. Alhamdulillah. 
  • So what does this got to do with bom? Oh I instantly thought of our Prime Minister, the late Altantuya and of course, bomb.
  • =) Do not be angry at me. The media portrays it that way ok!

"We have the (Syariah) court building, in its grandeur, intellectuals and experts are also in abundance, and the country is independent, what more are we waiting for?" quizzed His Majesty. 

  • For further reading click here.
  • So Malaysia, what are we waiting for? Don't tell me that we're waiting for a huge tsunami to wipe out the whole Malaysia then only we turn to Allah s.w.t. 
  • If you heard one says, "We are in a new era. Hence the hudud law is no longer applicable or relevant in this modern world." what would your response be? 
  • How can you have the heart to be disobedient? 
These are a few of the wild ponies of New Forest. I managed to capture this while I went cycling with friends in New Forest, southern England.
His Majesty used the example of cases of individuals caught drinking alcoholic beverages. "Those who are caught drinking alcohol or drinks that intoxicate, if there is enough evidence why not carry out the law of God, if there is not enough evidence or something that prevents a Syariah ruling then the case can be linked to the original case and judged with takzir," he said.
Takzir is a system under Syariah laws used for sentencing which is dependant on the discretion of the judges alone; unlike the six crimes which fall under Hudud laws: theft, illicit sexual relations, making unproven accusations of illicit sex, drinking intoxicants, apostasy and highway robbery.
  • I just questioned on why our government still provides license for Carlsberg und Anchor to brew beer in my previous entry. Now the Sultan of Brunei suggested to carry out the law of God to those who caught drinking alcohol with sufficient evidence. 
  • I believe that one of the ways to reduce the probability of one drinking alcohol is to stop selling alcoholic drinks! Apatah lagi membuatnya. Ya Rabb. 
  • Heard that one of my acquaintances is deciding whether or not to vote in this coming general election. He might be under pressure with all the news portrayed by our media. Allahuakbar. How I wish I could tell him to vote for the person who lives his life for Allah s.w.t. and Islam. 

To babe, I miss you.


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