Employer Of The Year


  • I've been to corporate offices and yeah, I just couldn't wait to go home the second i stepped in into the offices. 
  • Working from home for a year has made me a laid-back cooliao employer. If and only if I have employees. =D
  • Alhamdulillah I am blessed with good part time workers. Thank you very much y'all!
SubhanAllah. Was taken at Afamosa Resort in Melaka. Who else can create such magnificent scenery? 

  • I was watching a movie last week when I saw hadiths on how our prophet Muhammd s.a.w. was like as an employer. 
  • SubhanAllah. How I wish I could remember the exact wordings. So I tried to google for it but I found this instead:

Terdapat satu kisah yang telah diceritakan oleh Abdullah Ibnu Dinar " pada suatu hari, saya berjalan bersama Khalifah Umar Al-Khatab di Mekah, waktu itu saya bertemu dengan seorang budak pengembala kambing yang sedang mengembala kambingnya. 

Kemudian Saidina Umar berkata kepada budak pengembala kambing itu : 
" juallah kambing itu kepadaku " 

budak itu menjawab :
" kambing ini bukan kambingku, tetapi kepunyaan tuanku ".

Kemudian Saidina Umar sekali lagi cuba menawarnya : 
" Bukankah engkau dapat mengatakan kepada tuan engkau, bahawa satu di antaranya telah dimakan serigala, dan pasti tuan engkau tidak akan mengetahuinya. " 

"Tidak, saya tidak mahu, " kata budak itu, " sesunggguhnya Allah maha mengetahui ". 

Kemudian setelah mendengar yang demikian, menangislah Saidina Umar dan berkata kepada pengiringnya supaya memanggil tuannya, Saidina Umar telah membeli budak itu lalu dibebaskan oleh beliau, dengan berkata : 
" Sejak hari ini engkau bebas merdeka di dunia dan engkau akan lapang di akhirat ".

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. seperti mana yang telah diberitahu oleh Anas bin Malik yang bermaksud : 
Tidak sempurna iman seseorang yang tidak dapat dipercayainya. Dan tidak sempurna agama orang yang tidak menunaikan janji.

Source: Teks Khutbah Jumaat masjid seluruh negeri Melaka 031106 (al-azim)

Mom got us a pocket size photo each. A great idea eyh. Never thought of that. You might want to have a pocket photo of your loved ones too, no? =)
  • It's quite difficult to find honest people. Especially in thi biz world. Sorry to say but some (or may I say most) of the non-muslim Chinese are opportunists and they will do anything to grow their businesses. Be it from entertaining clients with alcohol to become a swindler / hoaxer etc. 
  • But as Muslims, we have limits. Dosa and Pahala are always in our heads hence we are very selective. 
  • Well, I don't think all muslims are like that. There are silly Muslims too. Who run their businesses like crazy without even bother to think about their Creator. Enjoying life like there is always tomorrow. Cheating here and there kalahkan the non-muslims!
  • To those of you who work for these silly people, you have my deepest sympathy. If I were to ask you to leave and find other jobs, I might be bombarded by words like, "You think it is easy to find a job these days?!! Stooopid you. Easier said than done bla bla bla bla."

Have a great day y'all!


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