• What do you know about herbs?
  • Well what I know is, most of the fresh herbs are green in color, no?
  • =)
Source: informedfarmers.com
  • We only have a few types of herbs at home; rosemary, basil, oregano and italian parsley. I would love to have fresh pots of herbs at home but I have no "green hand" :(
  • Well I used to have fresh herbs by our window back in England. It was less than £1.50 for a pot. There was once I got a pot of parsley when it was on sale for only 80p!
  • I went to Parkson Grand last week and yeah Cold Storage had a temporary section selling fresh herbs and flowers. A pot of rosemary is about RM15.00 if I'm not mistaken. I ended up buying a pot of flowers instead of herbs. 
  • Guess what happen to my flowers now?
  • Of course now kecut medut. =(

  • Oh and The Sale is having Clarks Pre-Order until 13th October 2011. 
  • If you fancy other stuffs from Clarks but not available on The Sale web page, please e-mail me at info[at]thesale-online.com

I miss Almira Josey and Amir Josey badly =(


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