Ju, Husband Yang Macam Mana I Nak Cari?


Allahumma yassir wa la tu'assir
O Allah: Make things easier for me and don't make them difficult

Is marriage an experiment? Can you simply use the trial and error method?
(Husband and I final year project, designed, built and test trapping chambers for micron particles.)

  • InshaAllah I will try to share things concisely.
  • We don't usually know when is the exact date that we will meet someone. Someone who is extremely responsible, care, able to lead and who is willing to be there 24/7. Lets not put love as the top most priority as this can be developed within days or weeks, no? 
  • Not just love, I have friends who didn't even like their husbands on the day they got married. But now alhamdulillah, they are soooo in love!
  • If you base your marriage solely on love, I am not sure how the end is. 
  • Below is what I reckon you to search for; the characteristics of a man/woman that might help you to answer the question above. 

For You Ladies
  • Find a man who treats his family and friends politely and speaks not highly of himself. 
  • Find a man who constantly reminds others about Islam and not just to himself.
  • Find a man who helps others but not just you.
  • Find a man who always gives but not to accept something in return. 
  • Find a man who refuses to take you out for a date, for that it will benefit the both of you.
  • Find a man who is warm and always makes people feel welcome. 
  • Find a man who understands that he should not treat you like the typical husband in Cerekarama who always listens to his mother and makes accusations without even consulting the wife.
  • Find a man who is independent and optimist. 
Syahmi: B, will you be home on Monday evening? My friend nak datang hantar barang.
Ayla: InshaAllah yes.
A day later.....
Ayla: Babe, your "friend" came just now.
Syahmi: Really? How did you know he's my friend?
Ayla: Coz he's a Chinese! (a humble Chinese man delivered this bunch of fresh roses.)
Syahmi: Haha.
So what's with Chinese? Dato' Seri racists ke?? TAK. 

For You Gentlemen
  • Find a lady who is soft spoken but not timid. 
  • Find a lady who respects others but not a blind follower. 
  • Find a lady who refuses to go out on a date as it will benefit the both of you. 
  • Find a lady who is a great hostess and does not speak rubbish.
  • Find a lady who stands on her own feet and not like the typical wife in Cerekarama who only cries and let herself being bullied by the husband and the mom in law.
  • Find a lady who is independent.
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  • The list goes on. 
  • I might miss more important stuffs for you but hey hope the list helps you to add those you had missed.
  • Of course yang penting solat tak tinggal segala but then if I letak nanti ada yang cakap "Alah tak semestinya baik kalau solat. Orang tak solat pun baik ok~". Whatever it is, you lah decide. Malas dah nak argue dengan those yang cakap macam ni =)
  • Remember, the right person with certain characteristics might be perfect for your acquaintance but not for you. 
  • Therefore I reckon that you should know yourself before you start searching OR learn more about yourself while you're in the process of searching ie. do them simultaneously.
  • It's not wrong to ask for help. But make sure to ask from Allah s.w.t. first then only approach those you trust. I'm sure you wouldn't want your photos to be appeared on Mangga magazine in the "Lookin For Soulmate" column, no?
  • Is there such column in Mangga magazine? Sorry editor kalau I salah, pasal I tak baca =p
Aha! Lelaki yang wifenya rabun banyak, silalah jangan give this balloon to her. Kang yang dinampaknya hanya You Crazy Love = You're crazy love! 

  • And do not forget this, if you think that you really cannot get along at all with your future parents in law and your partner is unable and could not be bothered to help you sort it out, then just don't marry your partner. 
  • End of story. 

Merely my opinion.
You asked, I answered. 


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