Let Me Be Me


The St. Peters Cathedral in Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
Nothing went on when I was there other than a few constructions.
The area is quite big with lots of different sculptures.
From readings, the famous sculpture done by Michaelangelo is available to be seen in the Cathedral. 

  • Both of my parents are cool. Alhamdulillah. They didn't and still don't force us (my brothers and I) to be somebody that they adore. What they have been doing since we were born is, they guide us to turn into wise Homo-sapiens. 
  • Except for our names =) 
  • Our names were referred to those strong personality characters in films and novel. 
  • Ayla : The Clan of the Cave Bear
  • Azeem : Robin Hood
  • Josey : (I literally forgot)

  • I've known a few friends, acquaintances and relatives who are being forced to do this and that. I do not mind if it's for positive purposes but I personally think that there is a limit to it. 
  • Forcing your children to perform solat or being kind to others is a must to me. But to force your daughter to become a dentist whereas she wants to be a visual artist, is a big NO NO. 
  • I don't really know how parents actually feel or the idea of that they are oblige to control every single thing.
  • When they see that the child failed maths test, they drastically tell the child not to be a mathematician due to his poor result. But the kid loves maths, just that he may be dyslexic or he was not in a good state during the test etc. 
  • Instead of motivating, they demotivate him. 
  • It's unfair man!

  • Well of course I want my kids to be well rounded and I will definitely won't allow them to be drug dealers. 
  • So how to determine the boundary?

Gondola in Venice. Yes, the famous water taxi =)
A friend of mine captured this during our holiday in Italy.

  • One of the ways is through communication. Ask your children about their interests and monitor their activities. InshaAllah you'll know what they are into and you won't make drastic decisions.
  • At the end of the day, your children are the ones who will be leading their lives when you are no longer around. Why make their lives difficult? You think you know what's best for your children but you are forgetting that Allah s.w.t. is the only One who knows what's best for all of us. 
  • It is not wrong to plan for your children but again, there are limits to it. Don't take actions simply based on your likings alright.
  • =)

  • Lots of calculations need to be done today. 
  • Oh and The SALE pre-order ends today at midnight. So you still have time to shop!

Work work work.



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