My Sunday


  • Alhamdulillah Allah s.w.t. gave me another chance to be with the two little munchkins. 
  • I had a not so cool week, thinking about my country, the citizens, the leaders, the ridiculous standard of living etc. 
  • With husband away, it takes me longer to calm down. 
  • Anyway, I just shared a link on my facebook about why cars are so expensive in Malaysia. 
  • Please click the link below if you have not read the article. 
  • If you find the article useful, please share it with others. Thank you. 

  • In the video above: Amir Josey was trying to tell me a story. Or maybe he said this, "Oh Aunty Ayla, you are the best aunt in the whole wide world and I would love to come and play with you everyday. Well, if and only if I know how to drive. Akkkkkkkk"

  • I am quite busy today since I am still working on the Pre-Order November. InshaAllah pre-order tersebut akan dibuka pada 1 November 2011. Please check The Sale facebook page alright. 
  • Photos below will tell you how beautiful my Sunday was. 
  • Have a great week y'all!

Taken by Almira Josey. 

She now knows how to colour within boundaries.
Great job Almira!

Almira's version of Jane.
(She drew this all by herself without any guidance from  anyone.)

Almira's version of Peter.
(She drew this all by herself without any guidance from anyone.)

Not forgetting her private lesson. 
Her current smile =)

The jovial Amir Josey (Syahmi's bestfriend) =)

  • Alhamdulillah =)
  • How was your Sunday?

To babe, I hope these photos and video will help you feel like you're at home with us. 
We all miss you and I am sure Amir is still speechless to be able to see you waving and talking to him on the screen =)


  1. Ju, what lovely smiles these people have :)


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