Take Me For A Walk


Dato' Seri looking over the adorable Najah in her pram. 
  • Back in Southampton, Syahmi always took me out for a walk. Our most visited place is Southampton University praying room. There were days when I didn't feel like going, especially at night in the cold winter. I would just sent Syahmi right to our main door, xoxo and bid farewell. 
  • On weekends, when we didn't pay Mayflower or Nuffield Theatre a visit, we would take quite a long walk to the River Side then round to Portswood before we finally reached home. We would talk and talk and exchange ideas etc. even though we lived together, 24/7. 
  • That is why when people made statement such as "Eee nanti I tak kisah kerja jauh from husband. Nanti boringlah setiap saat tengok muka sama je!" , I would just keep my comments in my head. I'm sure those people will not befriended me anymore if they were to know my comments. 
  • Now you know why I'm a self made Dato' Seri ;-) 
  • Haha. Tak ada makna nya. 
This was taken in Portsmouth. Just a few months before he proposed a marriage to me. Yes, my love story started long ago before I got married to him. Eh eh eh, Dato' Seri, are you suggesting that it's alright for us (unmarried ladies) to go out on a date with our partners??

  • Husband knew that I love to go out and see the world since from the very beginning. Therefore he still encourages me to go here and there. However, we are not as "free" as when we were in England. Our weekends are now packed with visiting parents, relatives and attending meetings. Well I used to work on weekends. We hardly get to spend weekends together, just the two of us. 
  • I'm not complaining, just highlighting one of the differences =) 
  • Well now husband is away and "trapped" in God knows where at the moment, leaving his beloved Dato' Seri to go for a walk alone. 
  • But so far mama, Azeem, uncle, abah, auntie, almira, sis, bro, amir, kak wati and friends have been keeping me company. Thank you you lot! =D
Who said I went out alone with Syahmi??? Haaa. Azeem was with us ok~ Therefore I still don't encourage dating dating gedak geduk alright =)
  • I had a terrible Friday and was longing for a walk with husband. Before I could express my "sadness" to him on Skype, he said "Babe, you've got mail."
  • And I went "What mail?". He then said, "An e-mail."
  • So I read the latest e-mail from him and to my surprise there were 2 electronic tickets attached!
Mine! Mom's D20 =)
  • Yes, husband bought my mom and I a ticket each to see The Secret Life Of Nora. I didn't mention a word about wanting to see this musical theatre before he left ok~ 
  • So this was the gift he got for mama that I mentioned in my last entry. Her phD gift to be exact =)
  • Thank you love. 
Know what, the lady on my mom's right has beautiful voice! I do not know her name though. 
  • There, Allah sent me something to replace the walk that I wanted. 
  • =) Alhamdulillah. 
  • To my readers yang dah jadi wife yang suka minta-minta, maybe you should try not to share your wish list with your husband. Without you knowing, your husband might surprise you with something better!
  • Just so you know, I don't have a written wish list to be shown to darling husband =)

I won't comment anything on The Secret Life Of Nora


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