The Universe Is Definitely His


Maha Suci Allah Yang di tangan-Nyalah segala kerajaan, dan Dia Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu.
(Al-Mulk 67:1)
  • I am cross at our Muslim leaders who do not take Islam seriously. To those who simply choose what to follow and what not need to, I tell you, you guys might end up like Hosni Mubarak. 
  • Afterall, I am not the one who will come up with the decision but Allah s.w.t. will. The reason why most of these disbelievers are still having "fun" is because they fail to recognize the signs of Allah's existence. 
  • I read a few verses in surah Yunus, Allah s.w.t. mentioned that, there are people who are so thick that they won't listen to you no matter what. Therefore it's no surprise if we were to meet such people. Lets continue make Doa/Dua' so that we will not be attracted to that group of people. 
  • May we won't be left astray. 
Ayla's Luscious Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sauce.
Those small bits are Rosemary.
I will share with you the recipe in my next post inshaAllah.

  • I know, it is quite frustrating to always keep on receiving cold feedbacks when you have tried to tell and share the words of Allah s.w.t. 
  • You might think that it is easy for me to type and everything seems so wonderful ie. for others to accept the contents of my blog. Well the truth is, it is not as pretty as it seems dearest readers =)
  • We are all in the same boat. Even though we shared definite facts from Al-Quran and Hadith, there are still people who refuse to accept instead they left us negative comments. So who is at fault now? Do you reckon that the words of Allah are all lies??
  • Therefore do not be afraid and do not stop from helping the rest to spread the words of Allah. Be confident and have faith in Allah. Afterall we are just quoting and discussing facts that came from Him! 
  • Like I said earlier on, we will always have arrogant people in this world. I suggest that you be prepared and always expect for negative comments. 

Allah berfirman : "Hai orang-orang mukmin, jika kamu
 menolong (agama) Allah, 

niscaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu."

 (Muhammad 47:7)

  • One of the things that I am afraid of is when Allah s.w.t. takes everything away from me; my sense and thoughts about Him and Islam. I'm not the type who memorizes all Surah and hadtih, not yet I suppose =) Well at least I would love to be one. Hehe. 
  • So those of you who already had the opportunity to study and learn about Islam in depth, please share the knowledge with everyone, especially me =) There are many things that we do not know. For example; there are hadiths about "Tidak batal wudhu' bila bersentuhan dengan lelaki."
  • Ahaaaa.... mesti ada yang terperanjat pun kan? =)

    For those who asked, yes my machine is still working with no virus etc.
    Alhamdulillah. It will turn 5 year-old soon. However, I don't reckon you to purchase this if you know how to handle other processors as Mac still uses Intel.
    Every 1st week of the month, my working desk will definitely look like this.
    Now tell me, do I need an assistant? =) 

    • So lets together make the world a better place!
    • Kita semua memang busy kerja tapi cuba kita cari sedikit waktu untuk Allah. InshaAllah kita akan senantiasa di rahmati. 
    • Just to share; my mom has a friend who uses a very looooooooong tasbih. Like 2 to 4 meters long. He is very good and constantly Zikir. MashaAllah, what a terrific man! He even has a beautiful character too. 
    • It takes time to be great, no?
    • Do not give up Ayla .. .. .. 


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