What Time Is It Now?


A few of the current widgets on my dashboard. To babe, InshaAllah I won't lose track of time =) 
  • I'm the type who always look at the clock and will get ready at least approximately 10 minutes before the exact time I should be ready. Well, there were times when I arrived late to events but 70% of them arrived later than I did! So how now brown cow?
  • Time is something that we cannot rewind or pause or even make it to a halt. Of course movie makers have movies about time machine etc. but hey, can we travel back to the future?
An orange tree in Alcazaba. It reminds me of farmgame or what ever it is called that I used to play. Hehehe.  I can't remember tasting their oranges but I do remember we were busy looking for their local olives. 
  • Lets just sit back and think, how much time do we have left.
  • How much time does your spouse have left?
  • How much time do your parents and siblings have left? 
  • What have you done for them?
  • Look at the clock and start planning to be with them. 
  • I reckon you skip your gym sessions or clubbing once in a while to make time for your loved ones. 
This is part of Cordoba. It's a calm city. Not as hectic as Barcelona. 
  • Oh by the way, what do you do when you say you go "clubbing"?
  • Chillin while sippin drinks from your left hand with couple of friends in a noisy club full of people shakin their bodies no?
  • I watched an episode about "clubbing" on Majalah 3. There are teenagers who lied to their parents, telling their parents that they went out for tuition lessons when they were actually in a club chillin out. 
  • Pathetic kids.
"This is my palace", wahlaw. Husband loves Andalucia. We spent hours of walking. Worth every second. 
  • Time does not wait for you. Make sure you know how to use your time wisely. 
I miss you babe.


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