Abang ~


*Dialogue dibawah adalah rekaan semata berdasarkan experience menonton drama Melayu di tv.

Sarah : Abang . . . Sarah rasa tak sedap hati lah bang. 
Hassan : Apanya? Awak ni ada-ada lah.
Sarah : Betul bang. Sarah rasa tak senang dengan kehadiran Kamal dalam rumah ni. Sarah rasa
Hassan : Awak rasa apa? Jangan di ikutkan sangat perasaan tu lah Sarah. Dah, abang nak pergi mandi.

  • Hamekkkkkkkkkkkkk. Are you familiar with that dialogue? I bet you are. Those lines are so cliche that you can predict the words coming out from their mouths. 
  • Why on earth do most Malay story tellers portray lousy husbands in their films? Tell me. The character who should be a listener always ends up snapping and being hot tempered. While the wife character is always weak.
  • Tang tang the Sarah got molested by Kamal but being so weak, she failed to force her silly husband, Hassan to listen to her. On the other hand, Hassan being a typical Malay husband on t.v., does not have any interest at all to listen to his wife. 
  • Wahlaw! In this case, semua nak jadi Kamal lah. Selamat!
  • Nak lagi teruk, dah dengar but tak percaya kata isteri T_T
I didn't know that Ramly Burger has Ramly cafes until we saw one in Ampang.
So uncle Wan decided to stop and treated us Ramly burger and chicken nuggets. 

  • One of the important things a husband should take note is: NOT TO LEAVE YOUR WIFE ALONE WITH A NON-MAHRAM MALE IN ANY SPACE OR PLACE.
  • I do not care if the guy has known your wife since before he was born or the guy is your best friend or the guy is your daily driver that you've become more than his employer. What ever. Do not give me any reasons other than darurat.
  • And please, if your SANE wife says that she feels uncomfortable due to certain entity or paranormal activity or had been eyed by a pathetic man, please trust her. If you do not trust her 100%, just say that you trust her and do anything that will make her feel at ease. Then only you find time to investigate whether she's telling the truth or not. 
  • Do not argue with me gentlemen. Just listen and practice this alright. 
Dato' Seri Juaini Johan misses Najah :( Kak Intan, please tell Najah about her Aunty Juaini.
I don't want her to forget me even though I know that she doesn't even bother.

  • As a husband, du are responsible if anything happens to your wife und kinder. Du should look after them carefully and love them unconditionally. 
  • My husband once told me that: Isteri, anak dan harta adalah fitnah keatas lelaki. 
  • It does not mean du should be cruel to your wife und kids adoyh! I won't elaborate on that in here. Not now. 
  • Be extremely great to your wife and kids aber be extremely phenomenal to Allah s.w.t. Afterall, your wife and kids are definitely a few of the best gifts in the world from Allah s.w.t. to you. No?
I miss you too my Abang~ =p

  • I had a chat with my husband on Skype last month. I was away for a few days hence we did not get to see each other ie. video call. To my surprise:
Ayla: Assalamualaikum ya habibi
Syahmi : Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh! Abang baru balik ni sayang~
Ayla : (Trying so hard to understand Syahmi's sentence. Abang? She immediately has her elder brother in her mind. The brother just got back from where?)
  • It took me 2 minutes to come to sense. As usual, we would chat about current issues. On that particular day, we had a session on Libya and NATO. Before we ended our conversation he said:
Syahmi : Tapi abang sayang awak tidak kurang~
Ayla : (Ok goosebumps but quite flattered. hehe.)

  • I wonder what made my husband sounded romantic Melayu on that day. Maybe due to the dull ambiance in his apartment made him miss Malay dramas (even though he doesn't watch Malay dramas)  and keened to play one. 
  • We usually end our conversations with "I love you" oder "Lebiu" oder "liebe dich". To have "Abang~", "Awak" and "sayang" are more than enough to know how courageous individual my husband is. 
  • Syahmi might find it romantic if I were to call him "Abang~" but I simply don't. This is because I have been calling my elder brother "abang" since the day I could speak! =D
  • Hence I settled with babe oder b oder yayang. 
  • Hahaha. 
  • Well, it is up to you and your partner. If your wife loves to be called pumpkin, then why not! 
  • =D
ich bin deine Frau und du bist mein Mann

  • Will I start to call my husband "Abang~"?
  • No I don't think so. I still prefer B over Abang~ =) 
  • Well, he has been the only person I've been calling B!
  • So ladies, how is your Abang~?
  • =)


  1. Ayla, Arwah uncle dollah ( yr mom's elder brother) pernah bagitau abg bahrin never bring his male frens home. Kalau nak jumpa minum kopi ke, jumpa kat kedai aje. Arwah pesan, kita tak tau hati lelaki ni, nanti di tengok isteti kita, dia jatuh hati. Tapi kalau the whole family yg datang tak apa kot sbb Uncle Dolah tak sebut pulak yg tu. So till now, abg bahrin memng tak bawak balik kawn lelki ke rumah sbb ingat pesan arwah. An ustaz also once pesan, never bring anotjer male/female to sty in the same house wt u, ie adik perempuan kita, or kalau sumi pulak, jgn bawak adik lelaki/ abang di duduk menumpang satu rumah, sbb semua tu boleh menimbulkan masalah curang dlm rumah tangga. Kmaniz setuju.

    Wt rgds to panggil husband abang tu, well, baru jugak ustaz swbut, panggillah husbandbkita dgn nama yg menghormati sumi like 'abang'. Jangan panggil nama. Masalahnyaaaaaa, kmaniz memang panggil abg bahrin dgn nama 'Bahrin'. Adoiiiii , how to change?? What to call? Abang? Ohhhh so cliche haha.

  2. Oh yes I remember him. Kak Aishah's late father kan. I agree on his advice. Love can be developed kan even though initially tak suka. If lama-lama asyik jumpa takut menimbulkan fitnah ie. masalah.

    Oh Kak Maniz don't worry. If panggilan "Bahrin" tu masih mebawa perasaan respect and abg Bahrin pun tak kecil hati, then it's ok :) Ada juga orang panggil "abang" but tak respect husband dia.

    I myself tak rasa romantic bila panggil syahmi "Abang~" sebab dari kecil Ayla pangil Reza "abang" :-) And alhamdulillah Syahmi faham.

  3. tersipu-sipu saya baca entri ini =) oh, gamba laki yang drive kete kat atas tu memang sangat macho!

  4. adoi sweetnye lah org dah kahwin ni hehe. Bila mau datang syahmi!

  5. a'ah babe, bila nak pergi sana? :-) I know you won't leave me anymore after this. Lesson learnt kannnnn =p

  6. Ale: Kau dah final year kan? Jumpe kat Malaysia je la ;-)
    Babe: kita pergi 2013 insyaAllah.


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