Aduhai Si Luncai


  • Meine habibi is on holiday in Rio. Yes with angry birds Rio :-)
  • Haloooo. How are you guys? My weekend was ruined by a man who speaks without facts. Well, he's not worth to talk about. 
  • When I was 17, an Ustaz in UTP asked me : "Are you from Thailand?"
  • When I was 20, a shopkeeper in Southampton asked me : "Are you an Iranian?"
  • When I was 25 year and 1 month old, an Indonesian lady said to me : "Loh, saya ingat ibuk ni orangnya Indonesia".
  • Perception oder recognition oder seeing is believing.
  • =)
So I nampak mcm Iranian ke Thai ke Indonesian ke Somali ke pure Malay ke?
Ooo I am an alien. I'm going to eat you tonight~

My mom was born in Sulawesi while my dad came from Russia. They met in England and immediately fell in love. They both got married in Malaysia in the year 1982. Two years later my elder brother, Josey was born in India hence the gelapness. I was born in Kubang Kerian in the year 1986 and 5 years later came my younger brother, Jasper. He was born in Langkawi. We used to live in Sinai for 3 years. Now I am happily married to a beautiful guy who was born in Melaka. He is kind and never raised his voice to me. 

Spot the Sulawesian and Russian traits? 
  • Now the question is, do you believe in the colored text above?
  • The reason why I asked you such question is because, my husband, his cousin and I kena fitnah.
  • We were accused of supporting Ambiga hence supporting her "free sex festival" or what ever it is called. 
  • Whereas we only support Bersih ie. its contents and bear in mind that there are many other leaders who are behind Bersih. 
  • So to make such ridiculous judgment by quoting our supportive texts on Bersih, is ludicrous. 
  • Eih, tak habis-habis lah kau ni. Mengata saja. 
  • Capek dah saya ni tapi masih ada yang tak faham.
  • Therefore lets together kaji sebelum bersuara. 
Babe please be quick. I need you here with me. 


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