Aidil Oh Aidil


Not the perfect recipe I used to find on the internet. 

A few of our Aidil Adha dishes. 

Aunt Lisa's Nasi Tomato recipe.

With Turkish Apple Tea. 

The bad brownies from Secret Recipe. Nih chocolate cake nih, bukan brownies. Yeck.

Like I mentioned in my 2nd last entry. We celebrated raya haji relax-relax ajo =)

The Su Bondo family =) Almira Josey and Amir Josey at their Tok Abah's.

The active girl at my aunt's beautiful home. 

Almira: Ok listen boys. We need to make this work. Any problem?

Amir: What ever lah kak Almira oit ~
Ilham: I don't want to do this! (then cry) =)

Almira Josey captured this. A snap of her father, Mr. Josey Johan at Ilham's gradparents' home.
  • Do not ask me why there is 0 photo of Mrs. Syahmi. hergh.
  • None of my family members like to become a photographer. To them, camera is not a gadget to be carried around in a pocket or a handbag. Bak kata orang Malay, "Menyemak!".
  • My mom would always say this , "Alamak I forgot to capture photo or video etc." I bet dia plain lazy je tapi bagi alasan segala. Hehe.
  • My job at The Sale requires me to play around with camera(s). Therefore, I have all the ridiculous skills hence I will always be the photographer und camera lady in my family. 
  • Next Raya siapa nak jadi photographer I? RM150 untuk 3 jam. Kerja you snap je. Editing semua I buat sendiri. 
  • If poor quality I pay RM100 or below. 
  • Ok apa RM50 satu jam. Ammah pun RM50 untuk 5jam tau.
  • Nak?
  • =D


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