Dosa.. Aku Tersentuh


  • Oh Allah Azzawajalla, there are just so many things that I do not know. I am sure You know how forgetful I am. Please do not ever leave me alone and please guide me to reach your Jannah. 
  • I was not doing alright on the day of awal muharram. 
  • After done performing solat Maghrib, I rushed to my 2nd cousin's wedding in Equatorial Hotel, Bangi with mom and her husband. 
  • Once we were seated at our table, mom asked me "Did you baca doa awal/akhir tahun tadi?"
  • Of course terus rasa guilty und bersalah dekat Allah s.w.t. Dalam kepala rasa terlepas peluang mohon lindung dari syaitan dan juga pohon dosa ku yang menimbun.
  • Bukan salah suami ku tiada di sisi (husband has been my reminder but since we are two worlds apart, I didn't get his message.) atau salah orang lain, tetapi salah diri sendiri.
  • Dah lama fikir baru sedar, bukan sekadar Doa akhir tahun sahaja yang boleh di recite untuk ampun dosa, malah kalau ketika sedang memandu juga boleh memohon ampun kepada Tuhan.
  • Ya Rabb, thank you for another chance.

  • I asked my husband about repent und solat taubat etc. I know that I've been asking him the same questions since the day we met but hey, I really need assurance. 
  • I even asked for my cousin's (Aref) thoughts and opinions. He ended up forwarding me links to beautiful tazkirah(s) by Nouman Ali Khan. 
  • Please find some time to watch both videos. If you are really looking for Jannah, I''m sure you will shed at least a drop of tear =)

  • I bet I'm not the only one who is in this muddy trip. Those of you who are in the same boat as I am, I hope these videos will help you find the sea. 
  • Both my husband and cousin asked me to have faith in Allah s.w.t. and to stop worrying about whether or not Allah s.w.t. accepts my apology und Doa/Dua'.
  • And that is exactly what I'm going to do now.
  • Moga di ketemukan jalan dan berhasil. InshaAllah.
  • Jom!

Husband cepat pulang. If not I'll be the one who will catch the next flight to S.Paulo. 
You know me. I'm capable of doing anything with Allah's will.
Cepat balik!


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