How Far Can You Go?


"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead"
  • Sometimes I find my life is too complex. And when I enter the negative zone, I fail to realize that God is actually with me. My bad. 
  • Yes, I am a serious person. Especially when it comes to serious matters such as Islam. Well I'm not saying that I do not have any sense of humor =) It's just that I am very defensive since I was a little kid. 
  • I believe that my surroundings and the people I interacted with influenced me a LOT. 
  • I had to care for my younger brother since we were still in England, back in 1996-1997. My mom did leave us at school or at our friends' every time she's out for her classes and group discussions. I was 10 year-old when I had to make chocolate drinks or went to the shop to get some tid bits for my younger brother. I was not a soft spoken sister but indeed, I did complete tasks given by mom (which is to care for my younger brother).
  • 15 years later, nothing changes. Sometimes I got things mixed up. Which one to tackle first; family, The Sale, husband, parents in law, husband's family or again The Sale. 
  • I always get frustrated whenever I fail to complete a task PERFECTLY.  
"Iya nak itut". Thinking about her makes me want to cry. I miss you dearly. 

  • Life as a wife is not always about petals of roses with dashes of diamonds and saffron rice. When I started to depend 100% on my husband, things turned out wobbly. That was when I realized that, Allah will never stop testing me. He gave me a kind husband but he added jalapeno peppers in him. He gave me a good business but he added habanero peppers in it too. 
  • Not to mention about the rest. I tell you, if you have a set of parents in law who do not force you to live their lives, then that is good enough. You should be thankful for that. Do not mind their conservative thinking or their silence when you are around. 
  • Another thing is, I managed to live a year without any great expectations. But now the old habit got into me again. I expected too much from others and as usual, they failed me. 
  • So what did I do when my life gets too complicated?
  • Of course not forgetting Allah but other than that, I do the things I want and my way! 
  • =) Cheeky little twit. 
Aunt Lisa shared a detox drink recipe she got from WHI. So we tried to make some yesterday. It turned out, nice!

  • You have to remember this ladies, you are not your husband's or anyone's KULI. 
  • If you know that your husband has done something wrong and against Islamic teachings, please do not be afraid to correct him. 
  • If he refuses to listen, then it is his loss but not yours.
  • And if he continues doing it, then get a counselor or consult your parents before you file for a divorce.  
  • I refuse to use this as a reason instead: "It's ok, he is just a normal human being. People make mistake."
  • Mistakes are definitely very difficult to be forgotten. 

  • It is about time we stop reading about "How A Wife Should Treat Her Malay Husband" or "A Perfect Wife In The Eyes of A Malay Man"
  • Lets together find a book on "How To Reach Jannah As A Muslim Lady".
Ingredients: Watermelon, green apple and blueberries.
No water, no additives, no sugar added. 

  • Since I cannot control EVERYTHING, it is about time I stop expecting too much from my marriage. 
  • I can go further. 
  • InshaAllah.
Nothing compares
No worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes
They are memories made
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead "



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