I'm Not That Good At Changing Diapers Aber . . .

. . . I do know how to make them happy =) and InshaAllah will continue doing so til my time is up.

Sayang norr adiknya sampai nak tercekik! The green soft toy is Almira's turtle the Totol. Yes, she named it herself, Totol. Aduhai si bijak ni. . .


  • I missed the two munchkins terribly hence I decided to take a day off and be with them. 
  • I was soooo hungry but I decided not to waste even a second for breakfast. I rushed to Almira's place after I had settled a task early in the morning. I couldn't sleep the night before since I kept thinking about having instant noodle at 3am!
  • To my surprise, my little intelligent niece was waiting for me in the bathroom. She asked Kak Watie "Iya nak mandi dengan aunty Ayla boleh?" 
  • Ok. What she meant was, nak aunty Ayla mandikan. 
  • So I did mandikan Almira and put on her clothes, diapers etc. Superb you Ayla =p
  • I brought her to a nearby shop, treated her with her favorite drink which is Soy Bean Milk plus a little bit of potato crisps. 
  • After our quick shopping, I brought Almira to a park. 
  • She is a cheeky girl and loves to tease others. Watch the video below to know how cheeky she was in replying "Noo".
  • When I aksed her "Why?", she sang ABC instead of answering to my question. Maybe she heard the letter "Y" instead of "Why?". Funny Almira =)
  • I once sang to her "Bangau Oh Bangau kenapa engkau kurus?" then quickly she said, "Eh! Iya lah. (with her cheeky smile)" She was trying to tell me that instead of bangau, it should have been her. 
  • Hadoyh!
Amir Josey's new style of watching the tele. Tell me, siapa yang macam orang tua ni?
  • Heard on the afternoon news that a new born was found dead with a cracked skull. Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, moga Engkau memberi balasan terhadap orang yang melaksanakan jenayah itu.
  • Ramai orang try nak mendapat zuriat termasuklah yours truly and awak pulak main buang-buang. Haktuih!
  • Awak lebih biawak dari biawak!

To babe, please give the insane biawak triple flying kicks if you meet him/her. 
Thank you.


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